Martin Sennett Conner

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Martin Sennett Conner

Martin Sennett Conner (born August 31, 1891 in Hattiesburg , Mississippi , † September 16, 1950 in Jackson , Mississippi) was an American politician and governor of the state of Mississippi from 1932 to 1936 .

Early years and political advancement

Martin Conner was the son of a successful planter and businessman. He attended the University of Mississippi until 1910 and then studied law at Yale University until 1913 . Then he started working as a lawyer in Seminary . Conner became a member of the Democratic Party . Between 1916 and 1924 he was a member of the House of Representatives from Mississippi and from 1920 Speaker of this Chamber of Representatives . In 1920 he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention . In 1923 and 1927 he applied unsuccessfully for his party's nomination for the office of governor. On November 3, 1931, he was elected governor of his state.

Mississippi Governor

Conner took up his new office on January 17, 1932. At that time, the state was still suffering severely from the Great Depression . The state coffers were empty and unemployment was very high. The governor cut government spending and cut public service positions. The latter increased the number of unemployed, but saved the state money. Value added tax was also introduced at that time. Over time, and with the help of the federal government's New Deal program, the problems have gradually been overcome. At the end of his tenure, the Mississippi state budget was in surplus. The governor also promoted tourism. The school system was reformed and the universities made more effective.

Due to a constitutional clause, Conner could not be re-elected directly in 1935. Therefore, he resigned on January 21, 1936 from his office. In 1939 and 1943 he unsuccessfully sought further nominations for his party for governorship. Martin Conner died in September 1950. He had a child with his wife, Alma Lucille Graham.


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  1. In the sources, his middle name is mainly written "Sennet", but "Sennett" is written on his tombstone.