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William McWillie

William McWillie (born November 17, 1795 in Camden , Kershaw County , South Carolina , † March 3, 1869 in Madison County , Mississippi ) was an American politician and governor of the state of Mississippi from 1857 to 1859 . Between 1849 and 1851 he represented his state as a member of the US Congress .

Early years and political advancement

William McWillie was an adjutant in a regiment commanded by his father during the British-American War of 1812 . William then attended South Carolina College until 1817 and then studied law. After being admitted to the bar in 1818, he began working in Camden in his new profession. In 1836, McWillie became President of Camden Bank .

McWillie became a member of the Democratic Party . Between 1836 and 1840 he was a member of the South Carolina Senate . In 1845 he moved to Madison County, Mississippi. There he became a planter and politician. Between March 4, 1849 and March 3, 1851 he represented his state for one term in the US House of Representatives . There he was chairman of the committee that controlled the expenditure of the postal ministry. In 1850 his attempt at re-election failed.

Mississippi Governor

On October 5, 1857, William McWillie was elected the new governor of his state. He held this office between November 16, 1857 and November 21, 1859. During this time, uniform textbooks were introduced in Mississippi and the education system improved. The state's dykes and dams were strengthened and the railway was expanded. His tenure was overshadowed by the events on the eve of the civil war. Governor McWillie supported the position of the south.

Another résumé

After the end of his governorship, McWillie withdrew from politics. He supported the Confederate States during the Civil War . He experienced the defeat of the south and died in early March 1869 on his estate "Kirkwood" in Madison County. William McWillie was married twice and had a total of eight children.


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