Navy Seals - The toughest elite force in the world

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German title Navy Seals - The toughest elite force in the world
Original title Navy Seals
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1990
length 109 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Lewis Teague
script Chuck Pastor
Gary Goldman
production Brenda Figs
Bernard Williams
music Sylvester Levay
camera John A. Alonzo
cut Don Zimmerman

Navy Seals is a 1990 American film directed by Lewis Teague .


A Navy Seals team frees a downed American helicopter crew from Lebanese captivity. In the process, they discover several stolen Stinger missiles , but for their own safety they decide to retreat instead of rendering the missiles harmless. It later emerges that an alleged prisoner whom they discovered on the mission and allowed to escape is in fact the ringleader of the terrorist group.

Defeated in their seal of honor and exposed to the accusations of their superiors, they start their own investigations and get information through the reporter Claire, who is in contact with the terrorists. While trying to kidnap a contact in Beirut , one of the Seals dies due to the cockiness of Dale Hawkins, who provokes contact with the enemy.

In a later operation, the team manages to destroy the missiles. Here Hawkins saves the life of James Curran and also kills the ringleader of the terrorists.


“Impressive special effects and a showdown that has it all let this work collect points of tension, the rest is flat, bold black and white drawing. Conclusion: plenty of action, everything else falls by the wayside. "

"An elaborately staged action film based on a relevant model, which loses all entertainment value due to its bold black-and-white drawing and hardships in itself."

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