Olympic Winter Games 1948 / Participant (France)

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France took part in the 5th Winter Olympics in St. Moritz in 1948 with a delegation of 36 athletes, eight of them women.

Male participants from France
sport athlete discipline space comment
bob René Charlet
Jean Morin
Jacques Descatoire
Amédée Ronzel
Four-man bobsleigh 9 France I.
Gilbert Achart-Picart
Felix Bonnat
Louis Saint-Calbre
Henri Evrot
Four-man bobsleigh 13 France II
Achille Fould
Henri Evrot
Two-man bobsleigh 11 France I.
William Hirigoyen
Louis Saint-Calbre
Two-man bobsleigh 12 France II
figure skating Jacques Favart Pair skating 14th together with Denise Favart
skeleton William Hirigoyen - dnf
Alpine skiing James Couttet Departure 13
combination bronze
slalom silver
Guy de Huertas Departure 23
Desirè Lacroix slalom 15th
Henri Oreiller Departure gold
combination gold
slalom bronze
Georges Panisset Departure 23
combination 18th
Jean Pazzi Departure 33
Claude Penz Departure 34
combination 24
slalom 34
Nordic skiing René Jeandel
Gérard Perrier
Marius Mora
Benoît Carrara
4 × 10 km cross-country skiing 7th
Paul Bouveret 18 km cross-country skiing 48
André Buffard 18 km cross-country skiing 44
Benoît Carrara 18 km cross-country skiing 11
Regis Charlet Special jumping 26th
James Couttet Special jumping 25th
René Jeandel 18 km cross-country skiing 42
combination 19th
Walter Jeandel 18 km cross-country skiing 71
combination 30th
Arsène Luchini Special jumping 22nd
Jean Monnier Special jumping 31
Marius Mora 18 km cross-country skiing 37
Female participants from France
sport athlete discipline space comment
figure skating Jacqueline du Bief Ladies 16
Denise Favart Pair skating 14th together with Jacques Favart
Alpine skiing Fernande Bayetto Departure 21st
Micheline Desmazières Departure 29
Françoise Gignoux Departure 7th
combination 5
slalom 12
Georgette Miller-Thiollière Departure 31
combination 20th
slalom 4th
Lucienne Schmidt-Couttet Departure 10
combination 10
slalom 20th
Suzanne Thiollière Departure 6th
combination 10
slalom dnf

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