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Péter Kőszeghy (born September 2, 1971 in Balassagyarmat ) is a Hungarian composer and music teacher .


Kőszeghy was born in Balassagyarmat, Hungary, in 1971. From 1985 to 1989 he attended the Béla Bartók High School for Music in Miskolc , where he received flute lessons. From 1989 to 1992 he studied flute and music education at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Győr . In addition, he took private composition lessons from Attila Reményi and Endre Olsvay . From 1992 to 1993 he was a member of the “Young Composers Group” (Fiatal Zeneszerzők Csoportja (FZCS.)) In Budapest .

In 1993 she moved to Germany and studied composition with Paul-Heinz Dittrich and electronic music with Andre Bartetzki at the Studio for Electroacoustic Music (STEAM) at the Hanns Eisler Music Academy in Berlin . From 2000 to 2001 he attended Hans Zender's composition class at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts . He attended seminars by Edisson Denissow , Gerhard Stäbler , Mathias Spahlinger and Friedrich Goldmann . He was also a guest at the Darmstadt summer courses .

Since 1999 he has lived in Berlin as a freelance composer and music teacher . His works have been performed by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra , musikFabrik , the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin , the Ensemble Sortisatio , the Ensemble Zagros and the Ensemble Aleph , among others . Since 2004, Kőszeghy's complete works have been published by Edition Juliane Klein . In 2009 he was composer in residence for Deutschlandfunk and the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter .

In 2002 he was a lecturer in the “Young Composed” course at the Rheinsberg Music Academy , in 2008 at the Weimar Spring Festival for contemporary music and since 2009 at the KlangNetz Dresden and the Carl Maria von Weber Academy of Music in Dresden .

Kőszeghy is a member of the Brandenburg New Music Association , has been with musik21 since 2007 and in the Forum Contemporary Music Leipzig since 2009 .


(Selection from recent works)


  • L`Ècole du Libertinage for electric violin [2002]
  • SPIRITS for flute and tape CD [2004/2005] for Camilla Hoitenga
  • NIOBE for flute [2008]
  • UTOPIA XIII "Ice Flowers" for flute piccolo [2007] Dedicated to Camilla Hoitenga
  • UTOPIE XV "crystal" for organ [2009] commissioned by the DLF
  • UTOPIE XVII "chochma" for Bohlen Pierce clarinet [2009/2010]
  • UTOPIE XI "deep inside" for tuba - dedicated to Jan Termath [2011]
  • CHUFU for Kontraforte - dedicated to Robert Gillinger [2011]
  • ATEM for double bass flute - dedicated to Klaus Schöpp [2011]
  • BLUE (brooklet) for piano [2012]
  • SUN for Toy Piano [2012]
  • NOIRE (noble - brilliant) for piano [2012–13]
  • MOON VEIL for toy piano and melodica (one player) [2013]

Chamber music

  • "GIVE: 1., fat that hides, 2., felt that warms, 3., copper that conducts, 4., honey that nourishes, 5., blood that pulses, 6., battery that recharges "for clarinet (B-flat), bassoon, trombone, percussion, piano, cello and double bass [2005]
  • IGNIS, LUX ... for clarinet (s), saxophone (s) and piano [2004/2005]
  • It's enough! for 3 recorders [2005]
  • UTOPIA (sound instead of quiet city - stray illusion) piano trio [2005]
  • POGO for four percussionists with fur instruments [2006]
  • SECRET BOOK for soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, piano and percussion [2006]
  • ABYSS [2006] for voice and accordion. Premiere January 26th, 2007 Bamberg (Neues Palais; Irene Kurka [soprano], Stefan Hippe [accordion])
  • GARM for four percussionists with metal instruments [2007]
  • LOUHI for flute, oboe, clarinet (B-flat), bassoon, horn (F) and double bass [2007]
  • MORTUALIUM (coins for Charon) "In memoriam György Ligeti " for flute, oboe, clarinet (B-flat), bass clarinet, horn, trombone, celesta, piano, 2 violins, viola, V.cello, double bass [2007]
  • [SCHOCK] KOMA for electric guitar, percussion [2008]
  • STIGMA (urban game) for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, piano [2009]
  • KOLLAPS for contraforte, ensemble (flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, trombone, piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello) [2009/10]
  • STIGMA - dying berlin blues for clarinet, trumpet, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion [2011]
  • CONCEALED SOULS for string quartet [2011]
  • souls for flute, viola, violoncello [2011]
  • STYX for 2 tenor recorders, violoncello, harpsichord [2011]
  • GARGOIL (No. 1) for accordion, percussion [2011]
  • FLIGHT OF ICAROS for flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass [2012]
  • HEKATE's DREAM for recorder, violin and violoncello [2012]
  • CHACONNE - zedekhia's tears for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, violoncello [2013]
  • AMETHYST for flute, piano [2013]
  • saphir for clarinet, piano [2013]
  • "Death march - In Memoriam Alice Herz-Sommer" for voice, ensemble (Fl., Klar., Hr., Pos., Perc., Klav., Vl., Vla., Vc. Kb.) [2014]

Chamber music with electronics

  • ARIADNE's THREAD (lose - pick up) for flute, oboe, bassoon and tape CD [2006]
  • ROOTS - joint composition with Gerhard Stäbler for 2 voices, flute, violin, violoncello, piano, live electronics and playback CDs [2006]
  • "SATANS TRICKS (Sebeinket tànyèrodra rakom)" / I'll lay our wounds on your bowl / (based on a poem by Lörinc Szabò) for 2 flutes, bassoon, trombone, violin, violoncello, harp, piano and synthesizer [DX 7] and playback CD [ 2006]
  • DEPHT for bass clarinet (in Bb), tuba, double bass, piano, percussion and playback CD [2006]
  • MATRIX 02/01/03/04. for recorder trio, electronics [2011]
  • SOUL GUIDE for 2 trumpets, percussion and electronics [2012]
  • jupiter's clouds for two flutes, electronics [2013]


  • STEINFLUT (flatterers and thunderbolts) for large orchestra (77), [2000]
  • SOLUFLIGHT (the edge) Concerto for flute and large orchestra [2006]
  • SATURN WAYS Concerto for flute and small Orchestra (Solo flute, fl., Ob., Cl., 2 perc., Strings: 6-4-4-3-1) [2008/2009]
  • "... the stake in the flesh ..." for String Orchestra (6-6-4-4-2) [2010]
  • THREE SHAMANISTIC RITUALS four Pieces for Orchestra (2 fl., 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bsn., 4 hn., 2 trp., 2 trb., T., 2 perc., Hf., Strings) [2011 ]
  • FULL MOON FLOAT for Orchestra (instrumentation ad lib .: 2 fl./ad lib. Recorder, ob./ad lib. Recorder, 2 bout., Pos./ad lib., 2 percussionists, keyboard instruments / ad lib.clav. , E-pno, keyb., Melodica /, violins I and II, violas, cellos / divisi) [2013]
  • HOT STONES - BROKEN DIAMONDS first clarinet concerto for Solo clarinet and orchestra for Csaba Rajnai [2014]


  • CROSSOVER for oboe, bassoon, viola, guitar (also electric guitar) and playback CD [2002/2005]. World premiere: Ensemble Sortisatio , Zwischengrün “Music and Landscape”, Halde in Grünau, Leipzig September 17, 2005.
  • DEPHT for bass clarinet, tuba, double bass, piano, percussion and playback CD [2006]


  • KREATUR 3 (Der Dictator) Chamber opera based on the libretto by Thomas Lehr for tenor, 2 baritones, flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, percussion, harp, piano, double bass [2006/2007]

Sound actions

  • ZAUN (Pietà) an audio image for a photograph by H. Strecker; Sound action for Jew's Harp with distortion and playback CD [2003]
  • SEXUS-PLEXUS-NEXUS sound action for male screamers with amplification / distortion and playback CD [2003]


  • 1995 - Hanns Eisler Prize for composition and interpretation of contemporary music (WAW version 2)
  • 1997 - Hanns Eisler Prize for composition and interpretation of contemporary music (ENTROPIE / alpha)
  • 1999 - Hanns Eisler Prize for Composition and Interpretation of Contemporary Music (KYLKHOR-KYLKHOR)
  • 1999 - First prize at the international composition competition of the Hessian State Theater Wiesbaden
  • 1999 - Scholarship from the Studio for Electroacoustic Music (SeaM) in Berlin
  • 2001 - First prize at the International Composition Competition Biennale New Music Hanover
  • 2001 - Second prize in the composition competition 10 years of ORB
  • 2003 - First prize in the composition competition of the Walter Witte Viola Foundation in Frankfurt am Main
  • 2004 - First prize in the "difficult" category of the international composition competition for the Trio Aeolian
  • 2005 - Honorable recognition at the international composition competition of the Ensemble Maderna and the German Tonkünstlerverband in Würzburg
  • 2005 - Second prize in the composition competition of the 6th Weimar Spring Days for contemporary music
  • 2005 - German contribution to the 2006 International World Music Days
  • 2006 - Third prize in the “difficult” category of the international composition competition for the Trio Aeolian
  • 2006 - Scholarship from the Academy of Arts in Berlin
  • 2006 - Nominated for the award winners' concert at the international composition competition of the Schreyahner Herbst
  • 2007 - Nominated from 500 works for the winners concert of the composition competition of the international composition competition of the Ensemblia Festival in Mönchengladbach
  • 2007 - Second prize at the international composition competition In Memoriam György Ligeti of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin
  • 2008 - Third prize in the international composition competition for orchestras at the 9th Weimar Spring Festival for contemporary music
  • 2009 - Scholarship from the Künstlerhaus Lukas
  • 2009 - Scholarship from the Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf
  • 2010 - Prize winner at the international composition competition of the FZML
  • 2011 - First prize at the international composition competition of the Tonkünstlerverband Würzburg
  • 2011 - Winner of the ERTA composition competition "New Age"
  • 2011 - First prize at the international composition competition for youth symphony orchestras of the Tonkünstlerverband Würzburg
  • 2014 - JukeBoxx New Music Award from the Christoph and Stephan Kaske Foundation


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