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Pabel Moewig Verlag

legal form GmbH
Seat Rastatt , GermanyGermanyGermany 
management Walter A. Fuchs
Number of employees about 200
Status: 2014

Company headquarters in Rastatt

The Pabel Moewig Verlag GmbH , based in Rastatt is a German magazine publisher and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bauer Media Group .


Moewig publishing house

Logo of the Moewig-Verlag 1964

The Moewig & Höffner publishing house was founded in Dresden on November 1, 1901, with Arthur Moewig and Erwin Höffner as shareholders. In 1923 Arthur Moewig became the sole owner of the publishing house and the distribution of novels to daily newspapers was expanded. The publishing house Moewig & Höffner was converted into a KG in 1928, with Wilhelm Heyne, the founder of Heyne Verlag , as a personally liable partner. In 1946 the Heyne and Moewig publishers moved from Dresden to Munich.

Pabel Publishing House

Logo of the Pabel publishing house in 1980

In 1949 the Erich Pabel Verlag was founded in Rastatt with 21 employees, with a focus on puzzle books and series of novels. In 1957 a larger publishing house was built (today's Pabel-Moewig-Verlagshaus), and the range of publishing has grown to 26 booklet and novel series.


Logo of Moewig Buch-Verlag (under the umbrella of the VPM) approx. 2002

Heinrich Bauer Verlag, Hamburg, acquired Erich Pabel Verlag in Rastatt, Arthur Moewig Verlag in Munich and Alfons Semrau Verlag in Hamburg in 1970, and in 1972 formed the Pabel-Moewig-Semrau publishing group. In 1989 the VPM Verlagsunion Erich Pabel - Arthur Moewig KG was formed from the company parts Verlagsunion (Wiesbaden), Pabel Zeitschriftenverlag and Moewig Buchverlag, which was renamed Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG, or VPM for short, in 2001. In July 2005, VPM took over the children's and youth publications from Aschenbrenner Verlags GmbH and incorporated them into VPM Young Media KG. From December 2006, Moewig Buch-Verlag stopped its book program. In February 2007, took precious SE (at that time still under the company Edel Music), the book division of Moewig with a number of licenses, including the Perry Rhodan - hardcover editions . In 2010, the printing area was spun off to VPM Druck AG and the publishing area was transferred to the newly founded Pabel Moewig Verlag GmbH.

Closure of the Rastatt factory

As part of the relocation of magazine production from Rastatt to Hamburg , the Bauer Media Group will close the Rastatt location of Pabel-Moewig Verlag on August 31, 2020. The affiliated offset printing company VPM Druck is expected to cease operations in October 2020. The editorial team of the Perry Rhodan novel booklet series was spun off as a subsidiary under the name Perry Rhodan KG and will remain at the Rastatt location.


The publishing house has been publishing series such as Perry Rhodan and Der Landser for many decades . The latter was discontinued in 2013. The product range also includes a number of magazines, including the women's magazine Freizeitwoche with a circulation of 495,000 copies per week today and the erotic magazine Coupé .

In 1953 Pabel brought out the first science fiction booklet series after the war with the title Utopia . From 1980 to 1985 a total of 45 volumes of Playboy Science Fiction were published by Moewig Verlag. Comics series have also appeared ( Rolf Kazier Fix and Foxi , Plop ! , FBI - G-man Bruce Cabot , Tom Berry , Mark Strong - Der Mann von MATT ), crime novels ( Commissioner X , Mister Dynamit ), fantasy series ( Dragon , Mythor ) and the adventure series Sea Wolves, Corsairs of the Oceans . They had to be discontinued over time. The publishing license for Fix and Foxi was withdrawn from the publishing house in 1994 due to a legal dispute with Rolf Kauka, who gave it to Egmont Ehapa shortly before his death .

The educational children's magazine Bussi Bär , also founded by Kauka, continued to be published by Pabel Moewig. In 2017 the publisher sold its children's magazines Bummi , Bussy Bär and Lissy to Blue Ocean Entertainment , a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media .

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