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Pamela Fryman

Pamela G. Fryman (born August 19, 1959 ), occasionally also Pam Fryman , is an American director and executive producer , who is through her work on various well-known television series such as California Clan , Frasier , Just Shoot Me - editorial , Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother became known.

life and career

Beginnings in the film and television business

Fryman grew up in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , and never thought of directing and producing various sitcoms or soap operas. Much more, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, who was successful in the merchandising sector at the time . At the age of 21, Fryman came to Los Angeles as a college graduate in 1980 , where she met some friends who worked for television. It was through this that she finally found her way into television, her first job being as assistant to the talent coordinator of The John Davidson Show with the entertainer John Davidson . At that time, her father predicted that she would return home after three weeks at the latest. But he was wrong and his daughter rose soon after the crew of the soap opera Santa Barbara , where she initially as Booth Production Assistant and Secretary or Secretary was hired. Over time and after numerous contacts with various actresses, she worked her way up to assistant director and between the mid and late 1980s she worked partly in the so-called control booth and was among other things in 1986 for the first time as (production) assistant for the television broadcast of the 13th Daytime Emmy Awards ( The 13th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards ) in action. In 1987, at the 14th daytime Emmy Awards, she worked alongside TV producer Joel Stein and in 1988 she was once again active in her assistant role at the 15th daytime Emmy Awards.

Breakthrough as a director

After a while, Fryman finally made the breakthrough and began working as a director. In doing so, she gained her first experience as director of a series of episodes of the soap opera California Clan before she went on to direct a number of other sitcoms. Her first major production after California Clan , for which she received the Daytime Emmy Award for directing twice in a row in 1990 and 1991 , was finally supervised by Fryman in 1993 when she appeared as a director in an episode of Café Americain . She was brought into the crew for only one episode by Peter Noah , the producer of the series, with whom she had already worked on the game show Dream House , among other things . The episode finally first aired nationwide in 1994. In the same year, three more episodes of Muddling Through followed, as well as an engagement in a first major television series, when she directed an episode of the hit series Friends for the first time and did so again in an episode in 1997. In 1995, four episodes of the short-lived series Bringing Up Jack followed , an unknown number of episodes of The Boys Are Back , and three episodes of Bless This House , where she directed a total of three episodes from 1995 to 1996. In 1995 it was also used in the smaller production Nice Try . Either in 1995 or 1996 she took over the directing work in three episodes of Dweebs before she was hired as a director in various other and in some cases even award-winning television series in 1996. In 1996 work followed on the series Silver Girls (two episodes), Ned & Stacey (one episode), The Naked Truth (three episodes), Good Company (two episodes), Caroline in the City (one episode), and an unknown number on episodes of townies . In 1996 she also joined the crew of the two Golden Globes television series Cybill , in which she directed a total of four episodes until 1997.

First long-term engagements in larger productions

Further engagements in 1997 included an episode of A Single Always Comes Alone and Pearl , as well as two episodes of Creative Is Everything and five episodes of Susan . After directing four episodes of George & Leo from 1997 to 1998 , she joined the crew of the television series Frasier in 1997 , with which she had her first major successes. Until 2001 she was used as a director in a total of 33 episodes and was also nominated for the DGA Award in 1998, 2000 and 2001 for directing one episode of Frasier . In parallel with her work on the hit series Frasier , Fryman also worked on numerous other television productions, including the smaller production Better Days and an unknown number of episodes of The Simple Life (1998), Maggie (1998 and / or 1999 ) or applause! Applause! (1998 and / or 1999) was used as a director. She also directed three episodes of King of Queens in 1998 , including the very first episode of the later hit sitcom and then directed the sixth and seventh episodes of the first season. In 1998 she also joined the crew of the seven-time Golden Globe nominated TV series Just Shoot Me - editorial team as the main director . There she directed over 80 different episodes for almost six years until 2003 and also came to her first significant activity as executive producer in 2001 when she appeared as executive producer in another 41 episodes of the series. She was also nominated for the DGA Award in 1999 for her directorial work on an episode of Just Shoot Me - Editorial Teamwork , but couldn't win it.

Parallel to Frasier and Just Shoot Me editorial , she was also active in an episode of The Norm Show and an unknown number of episodes of Work with Me in 1999 . She did other directing work in 1999 and / or 2000, where she worked on the television series Love & Money , and in 2000 and / or 2011, where she was used on the series Welcome to New York . In 2001 the first major film productions such as Count Me In or The Gene Pool followed . She was also used in an estimated two episodes of Three Sisters in 2001 and / or 2002 and had as many episodes in Inside Schwartz (2001). In a somewhat quieter year of 2002, in which she mainly devoted herself to the sitcom Just Shoot Me - editorial work, she directed two episodes of My Wife, Her Father and I and the film Two Families . After Just Shoot Me ran out in 2003, Fryman celebrated another breakthrough this year or the following year. In addition to directing the comedy The Snobs and the rather small and insignificant production Grown Men , she was also engaged in directing an episode of My Big Fat Greek Life and nine episodes of Happy Family . In addition to numerous film productions such as The Amazing Westermans , Family Show , Lucky Us , The MacGregors and News to Me , she also joined the crew of Two and a Half Men in 2004 , where she directed 20 different episodes until 2005 . She was also an executive producer for Happy Family and The MacGregors .

Work from 2005

Her most important work to date (as of 2015) was taken over by Fryman in 2005 with the filming of the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Fryman, who describes herself as "fast and pretty steadfast," said in an interview that most of the skills she uses at HIMYM came from her time with the California Clan . While she joined the series as a director in 2005, she also acted as executive producer from the same year. In total, Pamela Fryman was used as a director in 196 episodes and as a producer in all 208 episodes. In spring 2010 she withdrew a little from HIMYM to shoot some pilots. At the Primetime Emmy Awards 2009 , Fryman was nominated together with another ten-person production team for the Emmy in the category "Outstanding Comedy Series". In parallel to her work on How I Met Your Mother , Fryman is or was also working as a director in numerous rather smaller film productions. So she led in 2005 in Lies and the Wives We Tell Them to and 2006 in the films Sex, Power, Love & Politics , CBS / Joe Port / Joe Wiseman Wife with Large Family Comedy , Inseparable and You've Reached the Elliotts the Directed and was also active in an episode of Courting Alex as a director in the same year . After only one well-known production in 2007 ( The Minister of Divine ) and not a single well-known production in 2008, she performed in the films and TV productions The Karenskys and CBS Fall Preview as well as in two episodes of the TV series Aus in 2009 Happy to do the directing work.

Further activities as a director followed in 2010 with the films Livin 'on a Prayer , True Love and Freshmen . Her last notable production to date (March 2011), an episode of Mad Love , aired in the United States in mid-February 2011. Fryman is also an executive producer on the crew of And They're Off , a film that will premiere in 2011. Other productions in which Fryman is either a director or a producer are How to Be a Gentleman and The Assistants , both of which will also be released in 2011.


as a director
as executive producer
as assistant (producer)
  • 1986: The 13th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
  • 1987: The 14th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (assistant to Joel Stein )
  • 1988: The 15th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Nominations and Awards

  • 1998: Nominated for the DGA Award in the category “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series” for the episode “Halloween - Part I” of the TV series Frasier
  • 1999: Nominated for the DGA Award in the category “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series” for the episode “Two Girls for Every Boy” of the TV series Just Shoot Me - editorial team shot through
  • 2000: Nominated for the DGA Award in the category “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series” for the episode “The Flight Before Christmas” of the TV series Frasier
  • 2001: Nominated for the DGA Award in the category “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series” for the episode “And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon” (Part I + II) of the TV series Frasier
  • 2009 : Nominated for an Emmy in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category for their commitment to How I Met Your Mother (together with another ten-person production team)
  • 1990: Received the Daytime Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team” category for directing California Clan (together with another four-person directing team )
  • 1991: Received the Daytime Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team" category for directing California Clan (together with another six-person directing team )


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