Quentin (name)

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Quentin is a male, rarely female, given name , which also occurs as a family name . He is the French and English form of the Latin Quintus or Quintinus that of quintus is "the Fifth" is derived.


Kwint, Kwinten, Kwintyn, Quenten, Quentijn, Quentin, Quenton, Quinn , Quint , Quinta, Quinte, Quinten, Quintie, Quintijn, Quintilianus, Quintin, Quintine, Quintinus, Quinto, Quinton, Quintus , Quinty, Quintas, Quincy

Well-known namesake

Name Quintinus

Given name Quentin (male)

First name Quentin (female)

First name Quinton

Surname Quentin


  • Patrick Quentin , pseudonym of the American writers Richard Wilson Webb (1901–1970) and Hugh C. Wheeler (1912–1987)