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German turf rush (Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. Germanicum)

German turf rush ( Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. Germanicum )

Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Order : Sweet grass (Poales)
Family : Sourgrass family (Cyperaceae)
Genre : Rushes
Scientific name

Trichophorum or hair rushes ( Trichophorum ), Switzerland Hair Ried called, are a genus within the family of Cyperaceae (Cyperaceae).


Rushes are perennial herbaceous plants that form clumps . Some species also form rhizomes . The stalks are triangular or round. The leaves are basal or approximately basal. The leaf sheaths do not have leaf blades , the distal sheaths can have blades up to 5 mm long. The vagina is not fibrous. Ligule are present.

The inflorescences are terminal and consist of a spikelet. The only involucral leaf is scale-shaped, the tip is pointed or bears an awn . The spikelet consists of 3 to 9 spirally arranged scales, each of which has a flower . The flowers are hermaphroditic, the flower shell consists of 0 to 6 straight bristles, which can be up to 20 times longer than the achenes . There are three stamens . The styles are straight, three-lobed, their base is permanent. The achenes are triangular to plane-convex.


The genus is distributed circumpolar to circumboreal, but also occurs in the Andes and in the tropical mountains of Southeast Asia.

Alpine turf rush ( Trichophorum alpinum ) in an intermediate moor in Lithuania
Alpine turf rush ( Trichophorum alpinum )
German turf rush ( Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. Germanicum ) in a raised bog in northwestern Germany


The genus Trichophorum was previously listed as a section Baeothryon within the genus Scirpus .

Twelve species are known worldwide:

  • Alpine turf rush ( Trichophorum alpinum (L.) Pers .; Syn .: Scirpus hudsonianus (Michx.) Fern. ): Temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, also in Central Europe
  • Turf rush ( Trichophorum cespitosum (L.) Hartman ; Syn .: Scirpus cespitosus L. ): Temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, with two subspecies, also in Central Europe
    • Common turf rush ( Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. Cespitosum ): Temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.
    • German turf rush ( Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. Germanicum (Palla) Hegi ; Syn .: Scirpus cespitosus subsp. Germanicus (Palla) Broddeson ): Western Europe.
    • Trichophorum cespitosum nothosubsp. foersteri Swan (Syn .: Trichophorum x foersteri (Swan) DA Simpson ) = Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. cespitosum × Trichophorum cespitosum subsp. germanicum : Western Europe.
  • Trichophorum clintonii (A. Gray) SG Sm .: Home is Canada and the northern USA.
  • Trichophorum distigmaticum (Kük.) TVEgorova : It occurs from Tibet to central China.
  • Trichophorum dolichocarpum Zakirov : Home is Central Asia.
  • Trichophorum mattfeldianum (Kük.) S.Yun Liang : It occurs from China to Vietnam.
  • Trichophorum planifolium (Spreng.) Palla : Home is Canada and the USA.
  • Dwarf rush ( Trichophorum pumilum (Vahl) Schinz & Thell .: Syn .: Scirpus pumilus Vahl ): Temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, also occurs in Central Europe. There are two subspecies:
    • Trichophorum pumilum subsp. pumilum : Europe to the Himalayas.
    • Trichophorum pumilum subsp. rollandii (Fernald) Roy L.Taylor & MacBryde : Alaska to western USA.
  • Trichophorum rigidum (Steud.) Goetgh., Muasya & DA Simpson : The home is South America. It occurs in two subspecies:
    • Trichophorum rigidum subsp. ecuadoriense Dhooge & Goetgh. : Ecuador.
    • Trichophorum rigidum subsp. rigidum : Central Peru to northwest Argentina.
  • Trichophorum schansiense Hand.-Mazz. : The home is China.
  • Trichophorum subcapitatum (Thwaites & Hook.) DA Simpson : Home is tropical and subtropical Asia.
  • Trichophorum uniflorum (Trautv.) Malyschev & Lukitsch. : The home is Siberia to Far Eastern Russia.


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