Richard Anton Nikolaus Carron du Val

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Richard Anton Nikolaus Carron du Val

Richard Anton Nikolaus Carron du Val (born March 19, 1793 in Rain ; † December 29, 1846 in Augsburg ) was a German lawyer and from 1834 to 1846 the first legally qualified mayor of the city of Augsburg.

life and work

Carron du Val was born in Rain as the son of a town clerk who later became a district judge in Friedberg. Carron du Val attended grammar school in Munich until 1809 and then began studying law and political science at the University of Landshut . He became a member of the Corps Bavaria Landshut . In 1813 he obtained his doctorate in both rights and passed the state examination in 1814. Subsequently, from 1815 to 1816 he was head of the ruling courts, first in Mering and then from 1816 to 1819 in Affing . From 1819 to 1829 he was a member of the council at the district and city court in Augsburg, where he was mainly entrusted with the creation of the mortgage books. He then worked at various courts in Ansbach and Neuburg until 1835.

On February 20, 1835, after initial reluctance, he was elected almost unanimously by the local authority as the first legally qualified mayor of Augsburg. In this function he was particularly committed to promoting Augsburg as an industrial location. Among other things, Carron du Val strongly advocated the construction of a railway from Augsburg to Munich and tried to convince the Bavarian king of this idea at an early stage. In the end, his efforts were crowned with success, as the Bavarian king granted permission for construction on November 28, 1835 and the railway line was officially opened on October 4, 1840 after several years of construction.

Before the revolutionary years of 1847/1848, du Val played a special role through moral courage within the arguments of the Augsburg city parties with echo even in the state parliament.


The city of Augsburg honors him by naming Carron-du-Val-Straße (north of the Botanical Garden).

His bust by the sculptor Max von Widnmann is on the Catholic cemetery in Augsburg .


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  2. The family originally owned goods near Toul in Lorraine , which they lost in the political storms in 1680. Then she emigrated to Amberg .
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