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Rolf Emmrich (born August 26, 1910 in Freiberg ; † May 5, 1974 ) was a German internist and university professor .


Emmrich was the son of an architect and master builder and obtained his Abitur in 1930 at the humanistic grammar school Albertinum in Freiberg. From the summer semester 1930, he studied at the universities of Tübingen and Freiburg medicine . Emmrich became a member of the NSDAP as early as 1931 . In Tübingen renoncierte it in Landsmannschaft Scotland . As a member of the National Socialist German Student Union , he was leader of the Tübingen student body in 1932 and Nazi staff leader of the Württemberg student body in 1933/34. After the medical state examination in 1935 received his doctorate he 1936 in Tübingen magna cum laude for Dr. med. Emmrich was also a member of the SA , the National Socialist People's Welfare and the National Socialist German Lecturer Association .

From 1936 to 1937 he was a volunteer assistant at the Pathological Institute of the University of Munich . This was followed by an activity at the chemical institute of the University of Leipzig until 1940. After a short activity at the University Clinic in Frankfurt am Main , Emmrich became active in the internal department of a hospital .

In July 1948 Emmrich completed his habilitation with the text Macromolecular Structural Properties of Serum Proteins and their Significance for the Clinic at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Halle. After working as a lecturer for internal medicine, he was acting as head of the II Medical Clinic and Polyclinic Halle (Saale) .

In May 1954 Rolf Emmrich became a professor with the Department of Internal Medicine at the newly founded Medical Academy Magdeburg appointed and appointed director of the medical clinic. In 1959 he followed the call to the full professorship for internal medicine at the University of Leipzig. Here he also became director of the university clinic. His extensive experience in the field of general clinical pathology, including modern biochemical and new pharmacotherapy, became the basis for intensive work in teaching, research and supervision. He also tried to equip the clinic with modern large medical equipment and thus came into conflict with the equipment commission, which controlled the procurement of such technology in the GDR.

From 1961 he was a full member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig . From 1961 to 1963 he was in charge of the Center for Sports Medicine in the GDR . He was also director of the Institute for Sports Medicine at the German University for Physical Culture in Leipzig. In 1963 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina zu Halle .

From 1963 Rolf Emmrich was co-editor of the journal for the entire internal medicine and its border areas , which was published by the internal medicine section of the German Society for Clinical Medicine in the GDR .

His son Frank also became a professor at the Medical Faculty of Leipzig University.

Rolf Emmrich Prize

The Rolf-Emmrich-Förderpreis of the Saxon Society for Internal Medicine has been awarded since 1992 in recognition of clinical work by young scientists in the field of internal medicine, the endowment of which is 10,000 euros.


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