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Samuel "Sam" Wanamaker (originally Samuel Wattenmacker , born June 14, 1919 in Chicago , Illinois , † December 18, 1993 in London ) was an American actor and director .


Sam Wanamaker was born to Ukrainian Jews from Nikolaev in Chicago and initially worked successfully on Broadway . During the McCarthy era , he was persecuted for his political views. He then stayed in England, where he staged several controversial plays with a positive response . From 1960 he made theater again in America, in 1973 he opened the Sydney Opera House with a stage version of Tolstoy's War and Peace .

Blue plaque in memory of Sam Wanamaker on the outside of the Globe Theater in London

Wanamaker achieved world fame as the initiator of the reconstruction of the Globe Theater in London, for which he established the Shakespeare Globe Foundation in 1971 . He did not live to see the completion of his life's work, the completion of the Globe. He died of cancer in 1993, four years before it reopened in 1997. Opened on January 9, 2014, the roofed-on theater attached to the Globe bears the name Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in memory of him .

Wanamaker is the father of actress Zoë Wanamaker . In the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) by Quentin Tarantino he is played in a supporting role by Nicholas Hammond .

Filmography (selection)

As an actor

As a director

  • 1965: Preston & Preston ( The Defenders ; TV series, episode Eyewitness )
  • 1968: The Legend of Custer
  • 1968: Lancer (TV series, episode The High Riders )
  • 1969: The trail leads to Soho (The File of the Golden Goose)
  • 1970: The Road Warrior (The Executioner)
  • 1971: Catlow - Life to Die (Catlow)
  • 1977: Sindbad and the Eye of the Tiger
  • 1977/1989: Columbo (TV series, episodes of the Death Symphony and Deadly War Games )
  • 1979: Hart but cordially ( Hart to Hart ; TV series, episode Death in the Slow Lane )
  • 1979: Mrs. Columbo (TV series, two episodes)

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