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Coat of arms of the municipality of Liebenau
Joint community of Liebenau
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Liebenau highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 36 '  N , 9 ° 6'  E

Basic data
Existing period: 1967–
State : Lower Saxony
County : Nienburg / Weser
Area : 71.96 km 2
Residents: 6082 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 85 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : NI
Association key : 03 2 56 5405
Association structure: 3 municipalities
Association administration address
Ortstrasse 28
31618 Liebenau
Website :
Mayor of the municipality : Walter Eisner (independent)
Location of the municipality of Liebenau in the Nienburg / Weser district
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The combined community of Liebenau is located in the Nienburg / Weser district in Lower Saxony (Germany). The joint municipality of Liebenau has concluded an administrative cooperation with the joint municipality of Marklohe and the municipality of Steyerberg in the form of the "Linkes Weserufer" association .


Geographical location

The combined municipality of Liebenau with around 6,500 inhabitants is located between the Mittelweser (around 15 kilometers from the district town of Nienburg / Weser ) and the western slope of the Nienburg-Meppener Geestplatte, which was formed during the Ice Age.


The landscape of the municipality is largely shaped by the Weser, the marshland and the Geest.

A scenic feature is the "Binner Gorge" created during the Ice Age. Around 600,000 years ago, huge glaciers pushed south from the Scandinavian mountains. The local landscape was covered by a 300 to 400 meter thick layer of ice in which there were huge masses of stone, sand and rubble. As the temperature increased, the ice melted. The rock debris sank to the ground. This is how the Nienburg-Meppener Geest was created. Melt water that ran down to the Weser valley has washed deep gullies into the Geestrand. A gorge was created here that is very reminiscent of a ravine. An impressive view over the Wesermarsch as far as Nienburg and the Weser Uplands is available from the Bergstrasse in Binnen.

Joint community structure

Its member communities are Binnen , Liebenau and Pennigsehl . The combined community of Liebenau has an area of ​​71.96 km². With 90 inhabitants per km², Liebenau is relatively sparsely populated.



The integrated community of Liebenau was created on July 1, 1967 from the communities of Binnen, Bühren, Glissen, Hesterberg, Liebenau and Pennigsehl. As part of the law to reorganize the municipalities in the Nienburg / Weser area, the municipalities of Binnen, Bühren and Glissen were merged into one municipality in 1974 and the municipalities of Pennigsehl and Hesterberg into one municipality of Pennigsehl. Since then, Liebenau and the municipalities of Binnen and Pennigsehl have formed the new municipality of Liebenau.

Population development

December 31, 1996 February 1, 2002 December 31 2013
Joint municipality 6741 6421 5837
Within 1019 1078 995
Liebenau 4432 3983 3574
Pennigsehl 1290 1360 1268


Joint council

The Samtgemeinderat of the Samtgemeinde Liebenau consists of 18 councilors and councilors. This is the specified number for a joint municipality with a population between 6,001 and 7,000. The 18 council members are elected by local elections for five years each. The current term of office began on November 1, 2011 and ends on October 31, 2016.

The full-time Mayor of the Joint Community, Walter Eisner (non-party), is also entitled to vote in the Council of the Joint Community.

The last local election on September 11, 2011 resulted in the following:

Joint mayor of the municipality

The full-time mayor of the combined community of Liebenau is Walter Eisner (non-party). In the last mayoral election on May 25, 2014, he was re-elected as incumbent unopposed candidate with 90.7% of the vote. The turnout was 43.2%. Eisner began his further term on November 1, 2014.

coat of arms

The joint municipality bears the coat of arms of the Liebenau area . It shows on a green background the gold nimbed, blue clad Saint Lawrence with a black rust in his left hand and on the right in front of him the golden pointed helmet of a church tower over a crenellated wreath. The colors of the municipality of Liebenau are blue / yellow.

Culture and sights

Extensive coniferous and deciduous forests invite you to take adventurous walks in charming surroundings on signposted hiking trails.

In terms of tourism, the municipality of Liebenau is primarily of interest to cycle tourists. An alternative route to the Weser cycle path , which is known throughout Germany , leads close to the Wesern through the area of ​​the Samtgemeinde.

Those looking for recreation appreciate the ideal cycling conditions in the well-signposted Wesermarsch. Special excursion destinations are the forest area “Am Sündern” in Liebenau, the Binner Gorge and the re-heath area at the Fuchsberghütte in Mainsche. It is also interesting to take a look into the peat area of ​​the Borsteler Moor, a few hundred meters from the Fuchsberghütte.

Culinary specialties

“Liebenau asparagus”, the special delicacy in many variations from the local growing area. Another specialty is the scythe swallow made in Liebenau. A forest fruit liqueur in 0.5 and 0.02 liter bottles.

Economy and Infrastructure

In addition to a variety of medium-sized commercial enterprises, the plastics and concrete processing industry are economic focal points in the municipality of Liebenau. Currently, old industrial areas with existing infrastructure and a large number of buildings are increasingly being planned in order to make them available to the commercial economy again.

A large number of craft businesses are located in Liebenau. The long craft tradition of the place is known beyond the municipal boundaries. The "Beckebohnen" industrial park is located in the north of Liebenau. Further business settlements are within the village, at the southern exit of the village and in the area of ​​the train station.

On June 30, 2002, 989 men and women were working as employees subject to social insurance contributions in the commune of Liebenau.


The municipality of Liebenau can be reached via the L 351.

Public facilities

The community of Liebenau has an indoor swimming pool and various sports and leisure facilities as well as a youth center with an “open door”.

power supply

A conversion to renewable energies is the aim of the energy supply in Liebenau.


There are two primary schools, a special school and a secondary school in the joint community of Liebenau. There is also the adult education center in the community of Liebenau.

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