Battle of Hennersdorf

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Battle of Hennersdorf
date November 23, 1745
place Katholisch-Hennersdorf , near Lauban
output Prussian victory
Parties to the conflict

Prussia KingdomKingdom of Prussia Prussia

Electorate of SaxonyElectorate of Saxony Saxony


King Friedrich II. , General Hans Joachim von Zieten

General Karl Alexander of Lorraine

Memorial stone in Hennersdorf for General Hans Joachim von Zieten with the inscription "Zieten aus dem Busch"

The Battle of Hennersdorf , actually the battle of Hennersdorf , took place during the Second Silesian War on November 23, 1745, seven kilometers northwest of Lauban in Upper Lusatia . The Prussians under Friedrich II triumphed against the Saxons under General Buchner.

Prehistory and course

On November 21, 1745 Austrian troops marched into Saxony under Prince Karl and united with troops from the Electorate of Saxony. On November 23, King Friedrich II was informed of the march. The Prussian cavalry thereupon surprised Electoral Saxon regiments encamped near Katholisch-Hennersdorf. The Hussar Regiment Ruesch (1806: H 5), the Hussar Regiment von Zieten (1806: H 2) and the Cuirassier Regiments Rochow and Bornstedt were involved . On the Saxon side stood the Saxon cuirassier regiments Vitzthum , O'Byrn and Dallwitz as well as the infantry regiment Sachsen-Gotha , which were completely wiped out. Prince Karl then did not dare to oppose the numerically superior Prussian army and withdrew to the Bohemian area. The Prussians fell into the hands of the full magazines of the Saxon army near Görlitz . After the surprise attack near Hennersdorf the name "Zieten aus dem Busch" came into circulation for the Prussian commander.


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