Battle of Piacenza

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Battle of Piacenza
date June 16, 1746
place on the Po near Piacenza , Italy
output Victory of the Austrians
Parties to the conflict

Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Monarchy Austria

France Kingdom 1792France France Spain
Spain 1506Spain 


Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein

Jean Thierry Dumont, Comte de Gages , Jean-Baptiste Desmarets

Troop strength
30,000 men 40,000 men



The Battle of Piacenza on June 16, 1746 took place during the War of the Austrian Succession between French - Spanish and Austrian troops on the Po near Piacenza ( Italy ) and ended with an Austrian victory.


After Austria ended the Second Silesian War in 1745 through the Peace of Dresden with King Friedrich II of Prussia , it increased its involvement in Italy , where the Austrians, allied with Savoy , faced an alliance of Spaniards and French . The allied troops of 40,000 men under Generals Gages and Maillebois , standing in a bridgehead north of the Po near Piacenza , attacked the Austrians of about the same strength under Field Marshal Prince Joseph Wenzel von Liechtenstein on June 16, 1746 , but suffered considerable losses and ultimately had to act withdraw the right bank of the Po.


As a result, the Austrians gradually succeeded in forcing the French and Spaniards to withdraw from northern Italy. With this campaign the war in Italy ended. The successes there counterbalanced the French victories in what is now Belgium , where the alliances suffered defeats against the French at Roucoux in 1746 and at Lauffeldt in 1747 . Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia Maria Theresa gave up the conquered duchies of Parma , Piacenza and Guastalla in return for the return of the Austrian Netherlands occupied by France .

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