She did him wrong

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German title She did him wrong
Original title She Done Him Wrong
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1933
length 68 minutes
Director Lowell Sherman
script John Bright
Harvey Thew
production William LeBaron
music John Leipold
camera Charles Lang
cut Alexander Hall

You Wrong Him is an American comedy film directed by Lowell Sherman. The film, whose script is based on the play "Diamond Lil" starring Mae West, was shot in 1932. The film premiered on January 27, 1933. In Germany, the film was first broadcast as a television premiere on March 17, 1969 on WDR .


Gus Jordan plans to become sheriff of New York in 1892 . He owns a bar and loves the singer Lady Lou. Despite his intentions to become a sheriff, he keeps up a counterfeit ring. His rival Dan Flynn wants to expose him to win the election himself. When the loiter Sally wants to commit suicide in Jordan's bar, Lou comes to her aid. Jordan sends Sally out to pickpockets with the couple Serge Stanieff and Russian Rita.

Lou visits her ex-boyfriend Chick Clark in prison. Clark stole diamonds for Flynn that he wanted to give to Lou, but was caught doing it. Lou likes Captain Cummings, an officer from the Salvation Army next door, and helps him pay off his mortgage. She meets Flynn, who tells her about a new cop. He is called the "falcon" and is on the trail of Jordan. Cummings asks about Sally's living conditions, but Lou asserts that Sally is unaware of Jordan's business.

Clark breaks out of prison. He begs Lou to go away with him. At the same time, Serge and Rita visit Lou. Serge confesses his love for Lou and hands her a diamond brooch that was originally intended for Rita. The jealous Rita attacks Lou with a dagger, but is killed by the latter in self-defense. She instructs the henchman Spider to clean up the corpse. In the evening, Lou appears and signals to Flynn to visit her in the cloakroom after the performance. Clark has already hidden in the cloakroom and shoots Flynn, just as Cummings, who identifies himself as a "falcon", enters the bar to arrest Serge, Jordan, Spider and Clark. Cummings leads Lou out. But instead of getting into the police car, he leads her to a carriage. There he takes her rings from her and gives her one of his with the words: "I will be your guardian for a long, long time."


The lexicon of international films particularly emphasizes the " outstandingly playing sex star at the time " Mae West. Variety describes the film as " atmospherically interesting ", director Sherman did a " commendable job ". The Time Out film guide finds it “ fantastic stuff ”, with Mae West “playing one of her best roles ”. Ken Hanke of "Mountain Xpress" considers Mae West's performance to be " possibly the best ever ". When the film was shown in the cinema again 36 years after its premiere, the Protestant film observer came to the following assessment: “Old and kitschy, but delicious spectacle, with an inimitable Mae West. For those interested in film history. "


In 1934 the film was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best film . In 1996 he was accepted into the National Film Registry of the National Film Preservation Board.


The play Diamond Lil was first performed on April 9, 1929 and ran over 176 performances. Mae West in her second film role and Rafaela Ottiano played her stage roles. The play was performed three times between 1949 and 1951, here too Mae West played her role.

The filming of the scandal success with its frivolous dialogues was made more difficult by the production code . The offense of pimping became that of counterfeiting, the song A Guy What Takes His Time had to be cut out, as well as numerous offensive sayings by Mae West. But precisely the heavy criticism of the film turned out to be an advertising effect.

Not only was the play a success. With an estimated budget of $ 200,000, the film grossed approximately $ 2 million in the United States.

The film is one of 700 Paramount Pictures productions shot between 1929 and 1949, the television rights of which were sold to Universal Pictures in 1958 .

The film isn't just the only Mae West film to ever be nominated for an Oscar. It is the shortest film to date to receive a nomination for best film.

The two Russians Serge and Rita were played by the Mexican Gilbert Roland (born Luis Antonio Dámaso de Alonso) and the Italian Raffaela Ottiano. Noah Beery's son Noah Beery junior became a well-known actor, as did his father.

The film is the seventh of over 400 works by the most successful costume designer of all time, Edith Head . Harold Hecht worked as a choreographer, and as a producer he received an Oscar for Marty in 1955 . Production assistant was Arthur Lubin, later known as the director of some Abbott and Costello comedies .


Mae West sings three songs composed by Ralph Rainger : " She Done Him Wrong ", " I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone " and " A Guy What Takes His Time ". She also sings the folklore piece " Frankie and Johnny ". The following pieces are also played: " The Old Gray Mare " by Frank Panella, " Daisy Bell " by Harry Dacre, " Pop Goes the Weasel " by Charles Sloman and " After the Ball " by Charles Harris.

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