Singular quidem

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Singulari quidem is an encyclical of Pope Pius IX. , it was published on March 17, 1856. The Pope addressed the cardinals , archbishops , bishops , monarchs and all confreres and wrote “about the Church in Austria ”.

At the beginning Pope Pius IX praises. the Bishops of Austria on the concluded Concordat with Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. Then he mentions the various "evil machinations" that would threaten the progress of the church and urges a good priestly training and a thorough education of the young people. This encyclical is also one of the basic documents of that of Pius IX. compiled list "About the outlawed errors" ( Syllabus errorum of December 8, 1864). In “Singulari quidem” he counted pantheism , naturalism , absolute rationalism and indifferentism among the “evil errors”. He also opposed the spread of ecumenical thought, stating that changing ideologies would change society . He affirms the belief that no one outside of the Church can hope for a divine life or salvation unless, through ignorance and beyond his own control, he has been drawn into the maelstrom of evil.

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