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The Sudetendeutsche dictionary (SdWb) detects the Sudetengerman dialects in Bohemia , Moravian and Moravian Silesia and is one of the so-called. Large scenic Dictionary of German .

Large dialect landscapes

  • That means Bairische (South Moravia, lower and middle Bohemian Forest, beautiful stallion, the enclaves of Ceske Budejovice, Wischau, Brno and Olomouc).
  • The North Bavarian or Upper Palatinate (West Bohemia, Iglauer Sprachinsel).
  • The East Franconian (the smallest linguistic landscape; it extends from NW Bohemia over the Ore Mountains to the Bamberg area and is also represented in the beautiful stallion and in central northern Moravia).
  • The Lausitzisch - Silesian (North and East Bohemia, North Moravia).
  • The Thüringisch upper Saxon (Northern Bohemia and as a dialect mixed with the North Bairischen in the Iglauer speech island).

All sociolects documented in the list are taken into account (e.g. also Sudeten Yiddish, professional and crook languages) as well as the German-Slavic loanword exchange. The documents date from the period 1910–1940, historical sources and etymological notes are only taken into account in exceptional cases (primarily for pragmatic reasons) and are intended for subsequent volumes.


The SdWb became a dictionary of Sudeten German dialects at the University of Giessen by Franz J. Beranek , who was also a lecturer at the Charles University until 1945, following the collections begun by Ernst Schwarz and Erich Gierach at the Charles University in Prague and now missing began. After his death in 1967 his wife and colleague Herta Wolf-Beranek (until 1977), Horst Kühnel (until 1983) and Norbert Englisch (until 1994) took over the further work. Today the dictionary is being worked on by Bernd Kesselgruber (since 1986), Bettina Hofmann-Käs (since 1997) and Isabelle Hardt (since 2007). Ernst Schwarz was in charge of scientific management until 1978, followed by Heinz Engels; In 1994 Otfrid-Reinald Ehrismann was added.

The first delivery appeared in 1982, the first volume in 1988. The editor of the dictionary is the Collegium Carolinum in Munich.

Sources and material base

Note archive, arranged alphabetically with approx. 2.7 million documents, 182,000 synonyms and 16,500 job cards.

The archive was created due to:

  • a hundred question lists
  • twenty supplementary questionnaires
  • Special lists on specific occupational groups and subjects
  • Home chronicles, books
  • Magazines
  • scientific publications
  • free submissions.

Approx. 650 informants were interviewed. In addition to the archive, there is a card catalog for synonyms.

Publication status

  • Start of publication: 1988
  • Volume 1 (A) 1988
  • Volume 2 (B / P) 1996
  • Volume 3 (C, D / T, E) 2002
  • Volume 4 (F / V, G) 2010
  • Volume 5 (H) about to be published


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