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Family tree with the couple Ernestine Moehrlen (1832–1900) and Otto Sutermeister (1832–1901) in the middle

The following people belong to the Swiss Sutermeister family :

Ernestine Moehrlen (1832–1900)
housewife and mother
Otto Sutermeister (1832–1901)
educator and folk fairy tale collector
Emilie (1858–1922)
housewife and mother
Friedrich Mühlberg
Eugen (1862–1931)
Tauber writer
Paul (1864–1905)
Werner (1868–1939)
shaking bucket
Friedrich (1873–1934)
Religious Socialist
∞ Maria Hunziker
Max (Mühlberg) (1873–1947)
Hans Martin (1907–1977)
doctor ∞ Ingeborg Schulzke
Heinrich (1910–1995)
Peter (1916–2003)
Monika (* 1958)
∞ Fouad Taslimi
Omid (Taslimi) (* 1986)

Other people with the name Sutermeister

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Name story

How was the family name Sutermeister formed? There are a number of possible explanations. A "Sudermeyger" is in the tax register from 1465 in Zofingen , Canton Aargau, the origin of the clan. The name "Suttermeister" appears for the first time in 1536 in the city register of goods. The name often appears in manuals and diaries from 1536, written either by "Suttermeyster", "Suttermeister" or "Sutermeister". According to the guilds, the first bearer of this name was accepted into town citizenship in the same year and accepted into the shooting guild. It was a Hans Sutermeister who is said to have lived from 1510 to 1575. As far as it can be ascertained, the family received a "public document" from 1569. This made the sutemaster one of those families of that important city in Bern, whose members could be elected to the government. A Magister sutorum is mentioned in the files of the St. Urban monastery ; It is possible that one of the monks or domestic servants made the shoes and received his name.This Latin expression was also used in Strasbourg in the 13th century , the bishop named him the lay master of the shoemaker's guild, the Magister Sutorum appointed by the bishop was a functionary with professional training. Zofingen was a religious border town, Protestant, while the surrounding towns were Catholic and in 1525, as in other places, people were arriving and departing. The magister sutorum, who was then working in St. Urban, left the town and left for reasons of religion to Zofingen, where he "Germanized" his name to become Sutermeister? Another interpretation is that there was once a Suter who married a woman named Meister and that for one reason or another he ended up being referred to by both names together. Perhaps it was to distinguish him from another Suter who worked in the same profession. Until 1610 there was a family in Zofingen called Meister. Michael Meister was a member of the shooting guild in 1520. The first master sitter could then have married a daughter of the master. However, this theory can be refuted by another assumption, namely that Suter, who was really a master shoemaker, was then called Master Suter, who was changed to Sutermeister. Such name changes were common and caused a lot of confusion. One day there was an iron smith named Konrad Frank and the next day Konrad Schmid. There was also a mason named Spinner, who later appears under the name Mason. There was also a Wolfgang Suter, who was sometimes called Wolfgang Sutermeister. The aforementioned Hans Suter Master (1510–1575) was sometimes referred to as Hans Suter and Hans Bader (bath house) after his profession. According to Carl Schauenberg-Ott , the genealogist of Zofingen, there was no Hans Suter in Zofingen, but Hans Bader, as mentioned in the city register. The hospital attendant Werner or Wernher Suter is also mentioned in this register in 1450. "Spitelmeister" means hospital master. He is therefore called Master Suter or vice versa. He originally comes from Kölliken (near Zofingen). A later hospital doctor was a Rudolf Suter who had a son named Hans. This could be identical to the former Hans Sutermeister mentioned above.


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Individual evidence

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