Sweet Home Alabama - love in a roundabout way

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German title Sweet Home Alabama - love in a roundabout way
Original title Sweet Home Alabama
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK o. A.
Director Andy Tennant
script Douglas J. Eboch
C. Jay Cox
production Neal H. Moritz
Stokely Chaffin
music George Fenton
camera Andrew Dunn
cut Troy Takaki
Tracey Wadmore-Smith

Sweet Home Alabama is a 2002 American comedy film directed by Andy Tennant .


Melanie Carmichael, a young woman from a simple family, made the leap from the small town of Pigeon Creek in Alabama to New York. She has successfully entered the fashion scene as a new designer, celebrating one professional success after another - and not only there. Because Andrew, the son of the mayor, proposes to her at the famous jeweler Tiffanys . Melanie happily accepts this, but hides the fact that she still has to go back to her hometown to settle her divorce, because she is still married to her childhood friend Jake, who was a real failure at the time. So far he has refused to agree to a divorce.

When Melanie meets her parents and old friends there, they have little understanding for her change from a southern girl to a Yankee woman. But Melanie also discovers that a lot has changed in her home country. Jake has built up his own business and is also very successful with it, even if he tries to hide it successfully from her at first.

The situation comes to a head when Andrew and his mother come to Alabama and it is decided to hold the wedding there so that Melanie's friends and family can also be there. In addition, the facade that Melanie erected opposite Andrew and his mother, namely that it comes from a middle-class family, is shaking.

Soon the question arises, who will Melanie choose? Jake, her husband, whom she has known since childhood, or Andrew, the popular “next president of the USA ”. When her wedding to Andrew is already in full swing, Melanie's lawyer shows up and brings the divorce papers that Jake had already signed, but Melanie doesn't. Jake's mother points out to Melanie that something like this cannot be a coincidence. Melanie gives Andrew a basket at the altar and he disappears, bent. When Andrew's mother insults her and her mother, Melanie knocks them down with her fist. Her father exclaims enthusiastically that the south has her back. In the end, she also dances the dance with Jake that he had already promised her at their actual wedding, but could not afford (after-effects of the bachelorette party).


Stephanie Zacharek wrote on salon.com that the film was blindly following the most disappointing trends in the making of romantic comedies. She recalls that in the older films, the characters bore the consequences of the actions, while Witherspoon seems to wipe out all of their flaws with a smile.

Staci Layne Wilson wrote in Fantastica Daily that the film will definitely not win Academy Awards , but will win some hearts (of the audience).

Glenn Whipp wrote in the Los Angeles Daily New that the film was dumb , but in a harmless way that could win the viewer in the end.

Outnow.ch describes the film as “[...] sun, romance, rural areas and very personable actors. Sweet Home Alabama is a typical feel-good film that moves many viewers to tears and in which one can amuse oneself with the wonderful characters of the south [...] "


In 2008, a German remake was broadcast as a television film under the title Liebesticket nach HOME .

The film had a budget of $ 30 million. The worldwide box office result was around 181 million US dollars.


George Fenton received the BMI Film Music Award for the soundtrack for Sweet Home Alabama .


Avril Lavigne , SHeDAISY and Jewel contributed the soundtrack . The latter also sings a cover version of the Lynyrd-Skynyrd hit Sweet Home Alabama , the "anthem of the US state of Alabama ", as it is called in the film.

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