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German title Tomcats
Original title Tomcats
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Gregory Poirier
script Gregory Poirier
production Tony Ludwig
Paul Kurta
Alan Riche
music David Kitay
camera Charles Minsky
cut Harry Keramidas

Tomcat is an American comedy film from the year 2001 .


The childhood friends of Michael, Kyle, Steve, Gary and Max make a bet during Max's wedding that they never want to get married. To do this, they want to put some money every year in a high-yield investment fund that belongs to those who manage to stay unmarried to the end. After seven years, Steve gets married in Las Vegas and there are only Kyle and Michael left. To impress an unknown red-haired beauty in the lobby, Michael plays craps and not only loses all his money, but also owes the casino $ 51,000 . He has four weeks to repay the money, but no idea how to do it. Then he remembers his old, wealthy friend Kyle, who, however, hates two things: women who are loyalty and when someone wants to borrow money from him. However, since Michael found out that the jackpot had now grown to $ 475,000 and learned from Kyle that his only true love was Natalie Parker, he had a plan for how he could raise the necessary money.

He spots Natalie, who works undercover as a street prostitute for the police, and tells her his plan. She herself agrees, as Kyle simply left her standing on California State Route 1 after their first night together . However, she wants half the jackpot if she can get Kyle to marry her within the next 30 days. And in order to do that, they keep an eye on Kyle to find out what type of woman he's into. Michael and Natalie get closer and so far that they almost fall in love. But Michael needs the money, which is why he introduces Kyle to Natalie. They meet each other. Michael observes from a distance, becoming extremely jealous. However, since Natalie also has feelings for Michael, she plays the aloof for Kyle, so that she doesn't sleep with him and asks Michael to confess his love. But since he is plagued by money worries, he has to deny it. He tries to sleep with the first woman he comes across. However, the librarian Jill is a secret dominatrix .

Since Kyle has testicular cancer in his left testicle and Natalie is at his side, he thinks he has found the right one with her, which is why he proposes to her. Because Michael is under pressure to get the money in the next three days, he has to hide his disappointment at losing his love to Kyle. But when Kyle tells him at his bachelorette party that he doesn't intend to live in monogamy, he tries to prevent the two of them from getting married the next day. But he comes too late and receives the jackpot as a consolation, with which he can at least pay off his debts to Carlos. When he runs into Kyle after a while, he learns that the marriage was not consummated and annulled, which is why he immediately goes to look for Natalie to declare his love for her. Then they get married.


“Linguistically and cinematically disreputable Zoten revue, which spreads its misogynistic humor mainly on a disgusting level that has become fashionable. The film is far removed from any kind of artistic penetration. "

“On the trail of tasteless relationship comedies like“ Crazy About Mary ”,“ American Pie - Like a Hot Apple Pie ”or“ Road Trip ”, this strip surprises with some really funny gags and slapstick interludes, in addition to the usual below-the-belt rubbish. "


When Michael collides with the cello at the animal rights activist event at the end of the film, the well-known Wilhelm scream can be heard.

The film contains several allusions and parodies of other films, including Frankenstein Junior , Mission: Impossible II , American Beauty , Apocalypse Now , Pretty Woman, and The Graduation .


After its theatrical release on May 30, 2001, the film grossed over $ 23 million worldwide on a production budget of $ 11 million. It started in Germany on July 5, 2001 and was seen by 477,659 moviegoers. Since May 29, 2002 the film has been available on VHS and DVD .

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