Tupolev Tu-14

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Tupolev Tu-14
Tupolev Tu-14
Type: bomber
Design country:

Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Soviet Union


OKB Tupolev

First flight:

December 29, 1947


Late 1951

Production time:

1951 to approx. 1953

Number of pieces:

approx. 550 (?)

The Tupolev Tu-14 ( Russian Туполев Ту-14 , NATO code name Bosun ) was a twin-engine bomber for short and medium range developed by the Soviet design office Tupolev in the 1950s .


The forerunner was the project 72. Under the internal type designation Tu-73 took place on December 29, 1947 with F. F. Opadschi the first flight. Because the Rolls-Royce Nene engines were too weak, there was a Derwent V auxiliary drive in the stern . A second prototype Tu-78 with slightly modified bow glazing and vertical stabilizer followed on April 17, 1948. In the third test model Tu-81 , first flight in 1951, the third engine could be omitted through the use of more powerful WK-1 drives. After its first flight on October 13, 1949 and subsequent testing until autumn 1950, series production took place in Irkutsk plant No. 125 and from 1951 the machine was put into service with the Soviet naval forces . Variants were the Tu-14R reconnaissance aircraft and the Tu-14T torpedo bomber with two 45-36-A torpedoes .

About 550 pieces are said to have been built (other sources speak of about 200), 50 to 60 of which were delivered to China in 1958/59. The Tu-14 remained in service for about ten years until it was replaced by the Tu-16 in 1962 . A mass production was due to the Ilyushin Il-28 developed at the same time , which had better performance, but not.


The Tu-14 is a cantilevered shoulder -wing aircraft in all-metal half-shell construction with trapezoidal wings. The two engines are located under the wings and also accommodate the main wheels of the nose wheel landing gear in their gondolas. The elevator of the tail unit are strongly swept. The rudder unit has a far forward-reaching false keel .

Technical specifications

Parameter Tu-73 Tu-14T
Type bomber Torpedo bombers
crew 3-4 3
length 20.32 m 21.37 m
span 21.71 m 21.69 m
height k. A. 6.69 m
Wing area 67.38 m² 67.36 m²
Wing extension 7.0
Empty mass 14,340 kg 14,430 kg
Takeoff mass maximum 24,200 kg maximum 24,600 kg
Engines two Rolls-Royce Nene jet engines (22.7 kn each)
one Rolls-Royce Derwent jet engine (15.9 kn)
two Klimow WK-1 radial jet engines (each 27 kN takeoff thrust)
Top speed 840 km / h near the ground
872 km / h at an altitude of 5,000 m
800 km / h near the ground,
861 km / h at an altitude of 5,000 m
Landing speed 173 km / h 175 km / h
Rise time 9.5 min at 5,000 m
Service ceiling 11,500 m
Range 2,810 km 3,010 km with a 1,000 kg bomb load
Take-off / landing route 740 m / 1,170 m 1,250 m / 1,120 m
Armament two 23 mm NR-23 guns,
3,000 kg bombs
two 23 mm NR-23 cannons firing forward in the front fuselage,
two 23 mm NR-23 cannons in the stern,
two torpedoes or 3,000 kg bombs


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