UC AlbinoLeffe

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UC AlbinoLeffe
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Basic data
Surname Unione Calcio AlbinoLeffe SrL
founding 1998
president ItalyItaly Gianfranco Andreoletti
Website albinoleffe.com
First soccer team
Head coach ItalyItaly Massimiliano Alvini
Venue Stadio Comunale Città di Gorgonzola , Gorgonzola
Places 3,766
league Series C / B
2018/19 13th place

The Unione Calcio AlbinoLeffe is an Italian football club based in the towns of Albino and Leffe in Italy near Bergamo .


After the end of the First World War , the Albinese Calcio association was founded in the Italian city ​​of Val Seriana in 1919 . This club had its home in Albino , a place in Lombardy . His playing field was initially on the grounds of the Albino elementary school . A few years later, the Stadio Centro Sportivo Comunale was built. In the following years, Albinense Calcio became a very popular club for young people. At the same time there was in the neighborhood of Albino Leffe , a club called ASC Leffe , who in the then Serie C played. There was a rivalry between the two clubs.

In the summer of 1998, the presidents of Albino Calcio and ASC Leffe made the decision to merge the two clubs to form UC AlbinoLeffe. Pietro Zambaiti became the club's first president and Oscar Piantoni became the first coach . The club's stadium was the Stadio Martinelli di Leffe , which had a capacity of 2260 spectators. In the first season, the newly founded club played in Serie C2 , where they could immediately celebrate promotion to Serie C1 . In the 2002/03 season, UC AlbinoLeffe secured second place in Serie C1 behind FBC Treviso . After successful play-off games against Padova Calcio and Pisa Calcio , they were promoted to Serie B , where AlbinoLeffe finished 18th in the first season, which meant relegation. For this second division season, the club moved to the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia in nearby Bergamo , where the first division club Atalanta Bergamo also plays its home games, as the stadium in Albino did not comply with the Serie B statutes.

In recent years, the UC AlbinoLeffe has been able to assert itself in Serie B. After reaching 12th place in 2004/05, you had to play relegation games against relegation against US Avellino in the following season , which you won 2: 0 and 2: 3 and thus could remain in the second division. A year later they finished tenth and 2006/07 took the team ranked fourth This placement allowed AlbinoLeffe participation in play-offs for promotion to the Serie A . There, however, the club failed in the final on third-placed US Lecce . In the two following seasons, the club finished 9th and 11th in midfield.

For the 2019/20 season, the club left the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia because it was being renovated. The UC AlbinoLeffe moved to the Stadio Comunale Città di Gorgonzola Lombard Gorgonzola order. The club is planning to build a stadium in Zanica .


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