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Willy Ackermann (also: Willi Ackermann ; born November 1, 1896 in Binningen near Basel; † November 12, 1973 in Basel ) was a Swiss actor , operetta buffo and cabaret artist .


Willy Ackermann began his artistic career as a painter, but soon switched to acting. He completed his stage training with the Romanian-born actor Michael Isailovits in Basel. After the acting debut in Winterthur, engagements as an actor and operetta buffo at many German theaters, including the Olympia Operetta Theater in Dortmund, the Bellevue Theater in Stettin and operetta theaters in Bochum and Frankfurt am Main , soon followed . Around 1930, Ackermann returned to his home country of Switzerland. There he became a member of the radio play ensemble of the regional broadcaster Radio Basel in 1929. From 1939 he was associated with the Stadttheater Basel for many years , where he was employed as the successor to Karl Kusterer, primarily in the comic field. His stage career lasted until 1963.

In Basel, Willy Ackermann co-founded the Rüesslilytte cabaret in the early 1930s , where he performed as a cabaret artist as well as at the Zurich Cabaret Cornichon . Ackermann worked for the film as early as 1914. In addition to several roles in Swiss homeland films, Ackermann also appeared in front of the camera in well-known productions such as Adventure in Morocco , Der Kegelkönig or Eine Rheinfahrt which is funny .

In the film De Chegelkönig he played alongside Fredy Scheim , Rudolf Bernhard , Max Knapp and Hermann Gallinger .

The artist died unexpectedly in 1973 at his birthday party. His grave is in the Ascona cemetery .

Stage engagements

  • 1919 Winterthur summer theater
  • 1919–21 Biel City Theater
  • 1921 Theater-Variété in Bern
  • 1922/23 Olympic Operetta Theater Dortmund
  • 1923–25 Bellevue Theater Stettin
  • 1925/26 Herne City Theater
  • 1926/27 Operetta Theater Bochum
  • from 1927 New Operetta Theater in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1930/31 Stadttheater Basel (as guest)
  • 1938/39 City Theater Biel-Solothurn
  • from 1939 Stadttheater Basel
  • from 1950 also Comedy Basel

Stage roles (selection)

Opera / operetta

Filmography (selection)

  • 1938: Adventure in Morocco
  • 1939: Sergeant Studer
  • 1941: Bider the aviator
  • 1942: Der Kegelkönig (Swiss. Original title: Dr Chegelkönig )
  • 1950: There is something in the air
  • 1956: Summer love at Lake Constance
  • 1957: May 10th (in Germany: The fear of violence )
  • 1958: To the golden ox (in Germany: A trip to the Rhine, it's funny )

Discography (selection)

  • I would like to have Fryndin . Chanson by Willy Ackermann. Shellac record. Gloria (LC 0028) GO 28144, die number 3434
  • At the ticket counter . Sketch by Otto Lehmann. Shellac record. Gloria (LC 0028) GO 28144, die number 3435


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