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Alfons Stemmer , called Fonse (born October 19, 1933 in Munich ; † January 7, 1985 ibid) was a soccer player for TSV 1860 Munich , who won the DFB Cup in 1964 with the "Lions" .


Munich, until 1964

On October 2, 1955, the fourth game day of the 1955/56 round , the defender, who had come from Kickers Munich to the "Lions", made his debut in the Oberliga Süd . He ran in the then World Cup system for the "blues" under coach Max Schäfer as a right defender in the away game against BC Augsburg (2: 2). The same age attacker Johann Auernhammer also made his debut in this round with the "Löwen" in the Oberliga Süd. The team around Ferdinand Börstler , Kurt Mondschein and Ludwig Zausinger , who returned to the Oberliga Süd as champions of the 2nd division South in 1954/55, rose back to the 2nd division as bottom of the table in the summer of 1956. Stemmer had played 18 league games. Immediately succeeded in 1956/57 with the title win in the 2nd division, the return to the league. There, for the 1957/58 season , a new coach, Hans Hipp, joined the "Löwen". Now Stemmer, described by the later master trainer Max Merkel with the words, "a typical Bavarian in terms of his appearance, his language and his style of play", was one of the top performers in the game of six. He therefore directed on August 11, 1957 at the start of the round at the home game against Karlsruher SC (2: 1) as a middle runner in the defense of the team from Giesing. At the end of the round, the league returner finished sixth and "Fonse" Stemmer had played 28 of 30 league games and scored five goals alongside striker Rudolf Kölbl . Over the next three years the team around Stopper Stemmer established itself with two further placements in sixth place (1959 and 1961) and in 1960 in 5th place in the extended top group in the southern league. But since there were now highly talented offensive forces with Rudolf Brunnenmeier and Alfred Heiss and with Manfred Wagner , Rudolf Steiner and Hans Reich also capable personnel for the defensive, they built on the qualities of a new coach for the round 1961/62 and hired the Austrian from Borussia Dortmund Max Merkel.

The round start went 1: 6 on August 6, 1961 in the home game against Eintracht Frankfurt thoroughly wrong. This despite the accrued well-known newcomers Helmut Benthaus and Hans Küppers at the side of defense chief Stemmer. Eintracht left winger Lothar Schämer scored four times in the Merkel team's goal. The “blues” started the penultimate year of the old first-class league with 0: 6 points. But Stemmer was one of the two players with goal scorer Brunnenmeier (25 goals) who were used in all league games under the new coach. At the end of the round, Munich was in seventh place in 1860 and acceptance into the new Bundesliga for the 1963/64 season was difficult to achieve in the 1962/63 senior year. With goalkeeper Petar Radenković and Rudolf Zeiser , who returned to Berlin , first-class reinforcements were successful for the defense and with Wilfried Kohlars this was also the case for the offensive. After the first half of the season, 1860 was 22: 8 points one point behind 1. FC Nürnberg in second place and the defense around "Radi" Radenkovic and defense chief Stemmer had conceded only 14 goals. The local rival FC Bayern with Herbert Erhardt , Werner Olk , Willi Giesemann , Dieter Brenninger , Rainer Ohlhauser and Peter Grosser followed in third place. Defense conductor Stemmer scored seven goals from penalties for the 1860s that season; including one in the 6: 5 away win on March 3, 1963 at Ulm 1846 against national goalkeeper Wolfgang Fahrian . "Spatzen" attacker Manfred Ruoff scored four goals against Petar Radenkovic that day. The 2: 4 home defeat on April 21, 1963 against the defending champion 1. FC Nürnberg in front of 51,000 spectators, could not prevent the championship success of the team around "Fonse" Stemmer with a three point lead. In his 29 league appearances with seven converted penalties, he made a significant contribution to winning the Munich title in 1860; ultimately also to their Bundesliga nomination, as the southern German champions of 1963 were preferred to local rivals FC Bayern. The title win in the final league year was the decisive factor for acceptance into the Bundesliga for the 1963/64 season. In Werner Skrentny's league book, Merkel is quoted about Stemmer by Hans Eiberle with the following words: “He did everything that was forbidden, he drank, smoked and gambled, a native of the old sixties school, not a great footballer, but he has always been one hundred percent committed. "

In the final round of the German championship in 1963 , however, the team failed at Borussia Dortmund . In all six group matches against Dortmund, Hamburger SV and Borussia Neunkirchen, the stopper for the "lions" ran; in the 1: 2 home defeat against Neunkirchen on June 8th, he also converted a penalty. In the election for Germany's Footballer of the Year 1963 , Stemmer and his teammate Brunnenmeier took ninth place with five votes each.

In their first year in the Bundesliga, 1963/64 , the Merkel protégés placed seventh in the midfield. Stemmer was used in 17 Bundesliga games and converted two penalties. In contrast, he experienced his greatest success in the 1963/64 DFB Cup . On June 13, 1964, 1860 Munich with center runner Stemmer won the cup final in Stuttgart with 2-0 goals against Eintracht Frankfurt . He was in use in all cup games. In the first main round in the 2-0 win against Borussia Dortmund, where he did not concede a goal against the strong BVB offensive with Reinhold Wosab , Aki Schmidt , Franz Brungs , Friedhelm Konietzka and Lothar Emmerich . Also in the other games against 1. FC Kaiserslautern (4: 2), 1. FC Saarbrücken (3: 1) and in the semifinals against the northern regional division FC Altona 93 (4: 1 afterwards) Stemmer conducted successfully together with "Radi" Radenkovic the defense of the Sechzger. In the final, the runner row is described as an outstanding part of the team. "Heavyweight Alfons Stemmer heaved every ball afterwards and brought the Eintracht strikers to despair". Not having allowed a goal against the inner storm of Frankfurt with Horst Trimhold , Erwin Stein and Wilhelm Huberts was an essential prerequisite for success in the cup. Alfons Stemmer was an indispensable figure at 1860 Munich from 1955 to 1964. In his nine years with the sixties, he played a total of 238 competitive games for the "Lions" and scored 19 goals.

Offenbach, 1964/65

For the 1964/65 round, Stemmer signed a new contract with Kickers Offenbach and moved to the second-rate regional soccer league south. The team from Bieberer Berg was extremely controversial and had not been nominated for the new Bundesliga and came third in the Regionalliga Süd in 1963/64 , behind surprise champions KSV Hessen Kassel and vice Bayern Munich . The round started on August 9, 1964 with Stopper Stemmer through an 8-1 away win at Ulm 1846. Under coach Radoslav Momirski and teammates like Hermann Nuber , Siegfried Gast , Sigfried Held and Georg Tripp , it was only enough for the third time in 1964/65 Rank and the OFC missed the goal of the Bundesliga promotion round for the second time. The Bavarian had scored three goals for Offenbach in 29 regional league appearances. In the summer of 1965 Stemmer ended his high-class career as a football player.

After the career

Stemmer returned to Munich. In the following time he was active as a coach at smaller Munich clubs and also played regularly in the leisure team of TSV 1860. On the night of January 7, 1985 Stemmer died after a heart attack. He left his wife and two sons and was buried in Munich's Ostfriedhof .


On the penultimate match day of the 1963/64 Bundesliga season, April 25, 1964, in a 3-1 away defeat at Hertha BSC, Stemmer is said to have been bribed by the Berliners. Years later, the matter was exposed and Stemmer was sentenced to four months in prison for perjury.


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