Lothar Emmerich

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Lothar Emmerich
birthday November 29, 1941
place of birth DortmundGermany
date of death August 13, 2003
Place of death HemerGermany
size 184 cm
position striker
Years station
1951-1960 Dorstfelder SC 09
Years station Games (goals) 1
1960 Dorstfelder SC 09
1960-1969 Borussia Dortmund 215 (126)
1969-1972 K. Beerschot VAV 68 0(42)
1972-1974 Austria Klagenfurt 58 0(41)
1974-1976 FC Schweinfurt 05 64 0(37)
1976-1977 Würzburger FV 42 0(25)
1977-1988 Würzburger Kickers 25 00(9)
1978 BV Quernheim Abbey
1978-1979 SV Neckargerach 20 00(7)
1979-1981 FVgg. Kastel 06
National team
Years selection Games (goals)
1966 Germany 5 00(2)
Stations as a trainer
Years station
1977-1988 Würzburger Kickers (player-coach)
1978 BV Stift Quernheim (player coach)
1979-1981 FVgg. Kastel 06 (player-coach)
1981-1982 SpVgg Bayreuth
1983-1984 1. FSV Mainz 05
1986 SSV Reutlingen 05
1986-1987 Eintracht Bad Kreuznach
1987-1988 Olympia Bocholt
1988-1990 KSV Klein-Karben
1991-1992 SV Spabrücken
1992-1996 SC Idar-Oberstein
1996-1997 SG Weinsheim
1997-1999 TuS Kirchweiler
1 Only league games are given.

Lothar "Emma" Emmerich (born November 29, 1941 in Dortmund - Dorstfeld , † August 13, 2003 in Hemer ) was a German football player . In the Bundesliga he scored 115 goals in 183 appearances, the third-best rate of all top 50 goalscorers .


Before starting his football career, Emmerich trained as a motor vehicle mechanic.

Career as a footballer

Beginnings in Dorstfeld

Emmerich's career began at SC Dorstfeld in Dortmund district Dorstfeld . There he played his first game for the men's team of the club against Lüner SV on the Schwansbell arena in the early summer of 1960 . Coincidentally, the then coach of Borussia Dortmund , Max Merkel , appeared there because he was considering a defender from Lünen as a possible replacement for the injured Herbert Sandmann . His opponent, however, was Lothar Emmerich, who scored all the goals in Dorstfeld's 4-0 win. Merkel was enthusiastic about Emmerich's performance and signed him to Borussia Dortmund in place of Lünen's defender.

Oberliga and Bundesliga

As part of the BVB winning team of the 1966 European Cup , Lothar Emmerich received a star on the BVB Walk of Fame in 2010

For Dortmund, Emmerich made 32 appearances in the Oberliga West in three seasons and scored eleven goals. In 1963, in the last season before the introduction of the Bundesliga, he was German champion with BVB, without being used in the finals.

In 1965 Emmerich, who had 14 goals in the past season, won the DFB Cup with Dortmund by beating Alemannia Aachen 2-0 ; Emmerich scored the second goal for BVB. In the following season, the team therefore competed in the European Cup Winners' Cup . Emmerich scored 14 goals in the course of the competition (including four goals against defending champions West Ham United in the semifinals); this is the record mark in the history of the competition. In the final, Dortmund prevailed 2-1 after extra time against Liverpool and became the first German team to win the title in this competition. In 1966 he and the BVB team were awarded the Silver Laurel Leaf .

The mid-1960s were also Emmerich's sporting climax personally: in 1966 he was the top scorer in the Bundesliga with 31 goals , and in 1967 he shared the title with Gerd Müller (28 goals each). One of the reasons for Emmerich's goal danger was the harmonious interaction with Sigfried Held , who moved to Dortmund in 1965. Both players went down in football history as the Terrible Twins .

Emmerich stayed with Borussia until 1969. After this season he moved to the Belgian first division club K. Beerschot VAV .

In addition, Emmerich is still considered one of the fairest Bundesliga players ever, as he was never warned during his career.

National team

Lothar Emmerich (right) heads the friendly game against the Netherlands to make it 2-0 for West Germany, March 23, 1966. The Netherlands was defeated 2-4 in Rotterdam

At the 1966 World Cup , he was runner- up with the German national soccer team . The team lost 4-2 to England in the final in London , which also saw the famous Wembley goal . In this tournament, Emma, as a left footer in the group game against Spain, scored a goal from an acute angle to equalize 1: 1, which earned him the nickname Emma with the left adhesive . In total, Emmerich played five games for the national team.


Three successful and turbulent years in Belgium at K. Beerschot VAC , where he was the top scorer of the Belgian league in 1969/70 and even kidnapped once before a city derby, followed by a surprising commitment by the Austrian first division club Austria Klagenfurt , which was only due to the financial support of the Carinthian Big industrialist Adolf Funder had become possible. Emma soon became one of the top stars in the Austrian national league. 1972/73 he was second on the list of goalscorers in Austria with 20 goals behind Wolfgang Breuer from SSW Innsbruck , who scored 22 goals, in 1973/74 with 21 goals again second behind Hans Krankl , who scored 36 goals, with Austria Klagenfurt always involved in the relegation battle was, but Emmerich's competitors played in the top clubs.

After these extremely successful foreign engagements, he made his comeback in German professional football at 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 , then FV Würzburg 04 and the Würzburg Kickers in the Second League South.


Club teams

National team

Top scorer

After the football career

After his football career, Emmerich aspired to the office of coach and began as a player-coach in Quernheim Abbey . However, he didn't feel at home here. Coaching stations in Mainz, Reutlingen and Bayreuth followed. Emmerich later lived in Bad Kreuznach and Idar-Oberstein . He worked u. a. as sewer inspector. In 1991 he became the coach of SV Spabrücken and was undefeated champion of the Landesliga West. Then he moved to SC Idar-Oberstein. He also achieved promotion from the regional league to the association league and later on to the upper league . In the 1996/97 season Emmerich trained the district division SG Weinsheim. He then trained TuS Kirschweiler in the regional league until 1999, before returning to Borussia Dortmund, where he worked as a fan representative together with Aki Schmidt until his death .

Lothar Emmerich died of lung cancer at the Hemer Lung Clinic at the age of 61 . He was buried in the district cemetery in Marten .

After Emmerich's nickname Emma , BVB's mascot, a bee, was also named Emma .

Sayings and anecdotes

  • With the exclamation "Give me the cherry!" He demanded the ball from his teammates.
  • He always delighted his fans with a jolly goal celebration, which was quite unusual for the 1960s and 1970s. He was famous for his "lasso" curved in cowboy style.
  • Lothar Emmerich commented to the journalists in 1966 in Villa Park in Birmingham about his goal in the world championship match against the national team of Spain: "I didn't just hit it, but instinctively aimed the situation and chose the right angle." Throughout his life he was always on this "Ghost gate" addressed.


  • In 1969 Emmerich left the German Bundesliga and successfully played for AC Beerschot Antwerp for three years.
  • According to a rumor, he fell into the hands of kidnappers ahead of a 1970 game against city rivals Royal Antwerp . He was only released 24 hours after the game. Where and by whom he was abducted is still unclear. There was only one thing that the vice world champion was quite sure of: “They didn't want me to play. A large part of my wishes had been granted by the time I was released. "

It is true, however, that Emmerich was on the pitch in 3 of 4 duels against Royal and was injured in the other game. 1969/70 Royal Antwerp played in the 2nd division.


  • Kurt Messner , Emmerich's team-mate at Austria Klagenfurt for a year , still speaks highly of the German: “That was the first time I saw what a professional is,” emphasized the later successful coach, and further: “Emmerich only has that Looking for success, has been a role model in training and in games. I benefited a lot from him. "
  • When Austria Klagenfurt trainer Freddy Hohenberger had scheduled a tactical meeting instead of training because of the rain, Emmerich said: “I can go home right away”.
  • “He waddles like Dagobert Duck” joked Lothar Emmerich about class defender Walter Koch during the first training session in Klagenfurt . The nickname "Dago" has stayed with the then football talent and later Austrian Bundesliga player.

His illness:

  • The diagnosis of lung cancer only shocked Lothar Emmerich briefly: “It seemed to me as if I saw the ball flying towards me in the 89th minute in front of 100,000 spectators - and suddenly the opposing keeper hit me on the onion. Everything around me collapsed. Total knockout. ”Then he took up the fight against the“ cursed cancer ”.
  • About his serious illness: “I have never let myself get down and I have every chance of getting well again. You know Emma - he was always a fighter. "
  • About his bald head, caused by numerous chemotherapies , he said: “I am now bald. But I get a nice tan on my head when the sun shines. "


  • His childhood dream - "I wanted to play in black and yellow once (Borussia Dortmund) and once in black and white (national team) " - has come true.
  • "I never flared for long, the potatoes always hit the booth immediately."

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