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Television series
Everything Atze Logo.png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1999-2006
length 25 minutes
Episodes 63 in 6 seasons
genre Comedy
idea Atze Schröder ”, The Writing Orphans and others
music Jörg Ollefs and Michael Lücker
First broadcast January 7, 2000 on RTL

Main actor:

Atze Schröder
Fatih Çevikkollu
Heike Kloss
Norbert Heisterkamp
Johannes Rotter , Waldemar Kobus
Jürgen Mikol
Grandpa plates

supporting cast

Alles Atze ( spelling : alles atze ) is a German comedy series that was produced by RTL from 1999 to 2006 and puts the fictional character Atze Schröder at the center of the action.


Atze Schröder is a kiosk owner in Essen-Kray in this sitcom . As such, he employs a Turkish employee named Murat. Schröder lives in an apartment behind the kiosk with his blond partner Sabine, known as "Biene". His friends and most loyal customers include bodybuilder Harry and policeman Viktor. His landlord Richard Plattmann, known as "Grandpa Pläte", also appears regularly in the series.

Frequent themes in the series include gender differences, betting and Atze Schröder's pursuit of profit. One of the features of the series is the Ruhr German spoken by almost all of the characters .


season 1

  • 1. A hot dog
  • 2. Sex, lies & videotapes
  • 3. The newspaper marten
  • 4. Mud on top
  • 5. The Anatolian fly
  • 6. The kebab war
  • 7. The party
  • 8. The shipwrecked
  • 9. The big lot
  • 10. Miss Wet T-Shirt
  • 11. Peep show with handicap
  • 12. The faked Murat
  • 13. The bankrupt vulture

season 2

  • 14. The Easter miracle
  • 15. The hostage situation
  • 16. Seed robbery
  • 17. The sports cannon
  • 18. Father's Day
  • 19. A real highlight
  • 20. Heart is trump
  • 21. The thief of Baghdad

season 3

  • 22. 12 noon
  • 23. Always having trouble with Harry
  • 24. The tiger of Essen-Kray
  • 25. The legend
  • 26. The king of pinball
  • 27. Mom
  • 28. Grandpa Plate
  • 29. Bed stories

Season 4

  • 30. Baby alarm
  • 31. Heavy guys
  • 32. The Turkish bride
  • 33. Dredge, plunge and sink
  • 34. Your most beautiful day
  • 35. The Crown Prince
  • 36. Just crazy
  • 37. Schröder's list

Season 5

  • 38. The Winnetou gene
  • 39. The virtual affair
  • 40. They're crazy, the Romans
  • 41. Mouse hunt
  • 42. The devil
  • 43. Harry & Jackie
  • 44. Children, children
  • 45. Bee makes a career
  • 46. ​​Slat Bang
  • 47. Loose business
  • 48. Crazy
  • 49. The treasure bird
  • 50. Gangs of Essen-Kray

Season 6

  • 51. Men's things
  • 52. The philistine trap
  • 53. The teacher
  • 54. The jewel
  • 55. The chain
  • 56. The street festival
  • 57. The workshop for the disabled
  • 58th birthday
  • 59. Rivals of the racetrack
  • 60. The highlight
  • 61. The course shadow
  • 62. The currency reform
  • 63. There is a time for everything

main characters

Atze Schröder

Atze is a kiosk owner and friend of Biene. His trademarks are his optical Minipli - hairstyle and a tinted aviator glasses. He also often wears clothes that are reminiscent of the 1980s. He describes himself as the “King of the Quarter” and has a strong to exaggerated self-confident demeanor. He drives an old Opel Rekord E in gold in the series and dreams of a Porsche. Atze Schröder has a very relaxed way of expressing himself and is quick to grasp, so that he quickly has ideas that can save him in various situations. He likes to comment on the problems of others with alleged wisdoms of life, the language of which is strongly adapted to the location. In addition to the hairstyle and glasses, his trademark is the saying: "Yes, no, it's clear!"

Murat Günaydin

Murat is the only temporary worker in Atze's kiosk and is friends with him. He takes on the role of a poorly paid worker, while Atze Schröder does not do simple jobs. Murat already had several relationships, but these did not last very long. In his spare time he is a wrestler . He has a big family in Turkey. Sometimes he reacts to “Plätes” and Atze's sayings with insults in Turkish. The subordinate position of hard-working Murat to the work-shy but demanding boss is the basis of many gags in the series.

Sabine "Biene" Dreher

Bee is in a relationship with Atze. She has already tried several jobs, including as a branch manager of a supermarket chain (for which she turned out to be unqualified). In general, however, she does not have a steady job until the end of an episode. Biene's naivety and limited comprehension are important features of the humor associated with her. Typical comment of the character: "Atze, you are soooo cute!"

Harry Möller

Harry fulfills the stereotypical prejudices against bodybuilders in terms of interests and intelligence. He works as a drinks driver and is regularly unfaithful to his girlfriend Jacqueline.

Viktor Schimanek

Viktor is a corrupt cop. He spends a large part of his service time in Atze's kiosk. He has often helped Atze out of trouble and breaks laws to help his friends. In this way, he ensures that Atze's speeding violations are not prosecuted. At Atze you usually find him with a cheese roll in hand.

In the episode Der Flipperkönig (episode 26) he participates in the theft of an old pinball machine from the former local pub "Pelikan", which is to give way to a hairdressing salon. Viktor has held the high score on this device for over 20 years. In order not to come into conflict with the law, he takes off his uniform when the pinball machine is stolen.

Richard "Grandpa Plate" Plattmann

Grandpa Pläte is Atze's landlord. The two don't really like each other and always find new topics for an argument. He can be described as a choleric . This trait and his preference for Underberg and magazines with sexual content are often used humorously. In addition, Grandpa Pläte is to a certain extent xenophobic, it does not suit him that Atze employs a Turk, so he always addresses Murat with "Ali".

Minor characters


Jacqueline ( Ninon Held ), called Jacky, is Harry's partner; she is friends with bee. She often criticizes Harry's lack of care. Harry's secrets to Jacqueline are often the trigger for the main storyline.

Karin Westermann

Mrs. Westermann ( Lara Lamberti ) is a pretty regular customer who doesn't really fit into the area around Atze's kiosk. Ewald is your caretaker.

Ewald Grothe

Ewald Grothe ( Jo Betzing ) is Heiner's father and Plate's friend. Whenever he goes shopping in “Atzes Kiosk”, he lacks the money to pay. After the first four seasons he can no longer be seen. But his name appeared in later episodes.

Hildegard Dreher

Hildegard ( Margot Nagel ) is Biene's mother and fulfills the typical clichés of the mother-in-law. She obviously doesn't like Atze very much. She was already briefly with Grandpa Plate once.

Heiner Grothe

Heiner ( Torsten Hammann ) is Ewald's serious criminal son. He only visits Atze very occasionally and only when he is on parole. In prison he loved to tinker with miniature ships made from matches.


Theo ( Peter Nottmeier ) is a blind man who occasionally goes shopping in Atze's kiosk from season 4. Atze is only too happy to play jokes with his disability. In one episode, for example, he promises him a bag of bacon mice for free, provided he catches the bag. In another episode he promises him a poppy seed roll "so that he has something to read".


Erdogan ( Erden Alkan ) is an uncle of Murat and the owner of a kebab shop, in which he has repeatedly used his nephew as a substitute. The kebab shop often represents competition for Atze's kiosk. In the end, a currency reform of his own means the downfall of his business, which he accepts, however, because at that time he had long planned to move back to Turkey to be there to open and operate your own hotel.

Furthermore, there are some characters that are only mentioned by name in several conversations, such as Rosie, as well as some characters that appear only once.

Editors Sitcom RTL


  • The individual episodes begin with Atze (seldom also other characters) can be seen from the mirror in the bathroom, where he mostly plays with bathroom utensils in a silly way. There were also several guest appearances in this scene. Once, not Atze, but Mike Krüger stepped in front of the mirror, saying in Atze's voice: “Do you always look like shit in the morning!” Otto Waalkes was also there once . When Atze got an electric shock in the opening credits of episode 30 ("Baby alarm") and the cloud of smoke had disappeared, instead of Atze Otto, Atze's saying "Yes, no, it's clear!" reproduces.
  • The intro in the episode “Kebab War” begins with a supposed sex scene between Biene and Atze in their bedroom.
  • Episode 4.8 / 37 was only broadcast on television for the first time on August 23, 2014 on Super RTL . This is “Schröder's List”, in which Atze reports about his grandfather during the war. The episode was released on DVD on November 9, 2004 with the others from the fourth season.
  • Ingo Naujoks (“12 noon”), Michaela Schaffrath (“Always Trouble with Harry”), Otto Waalkes , Kelly Trump (both “Baby Alarm”), Olaf Schubert (“The crazy, the Romans”), Heinz have guest appearances Schenk ("The Easter Miracle") and Mike Krüger ("Mouse Hunt").
  • From the 1st to the 3rd season, the role of Viktor is played by Johannes Rotter , from the fourth season by Waldemar Kobus . Atze says in the first episode with Kobus that something has changed about Viktor. Viktor replies: "I was at the hairdresser's!"
  • The series has already received four awards. In 2000, the person behind Atze Schröder received the German Comedy Award as the best comedy act. In 2003 he received another award, this time for best actor. In the same year, “Alles Atze” was named the best sitcom at the German Television Award ceremony and two years later there was the German Comedy Award as the best comedy series.
  • On January 12, 2007, the sixth season of the series started. Despite high ratings (3.41 million), no new episodes were shot after this season. Atze Schröder announced the end in advance in his solo program “Atze in Wonderland”.
  • In the last episode, “Everything has its time”, Atze Murat donated a bottle of beer. He said that this was the first time that he had bought him a beer. The statement is wrong, however, because just like Viktor and Harry he had already got one in the episode "Rivals of the Racetrack".
  • In “The Clou” you can see the comedy awards that the series won in the producer's office.
  • Martin Heisterkamp has a guest appearance in “Der Flipperkönig” and “Der Lehrer” . In both episodes he plays the young Harry in flashbacks, the role that his relative Norbert Heisterkamp otherwise plays.
  • There is a disagreement about Atze's favorite club. In “Seed Robbery”, Biene clearly mentions that he is a fan of Rot-Weiss Essen . A pennant from the association can also be seen in Atze's shop window, for example, as well as a pillow in his living room. In a few other episodes, Atze talks to his friends about watching Borussia Dortmund games together and in one episode he is excited with a scarf in front of the TV. These apparent contradictions can, however, be explained by the former friendship between fans and the class difference between the two clubs. In real life, the actor behind Atze Schröder is a BVB supporter.
  • Irish singer Chris de Burgh is mentioned again and again in the course of the series . The women are big fans, while the men downright hate his music.
  • Atze Schröder usually leads published cast lists, but is mentioned last in the opening credits of the series. His name is only mentioned first in a few episodes of the first season.
  • The episode “The Big Lot” was originally the pilot episode, but was then broadcast as the 9th episode. Instead of Viktor, the police officer Werner ( Armin Dillenberger ) can be seen here once . Harry also appears in a group of raffle buyers without his name being mentioned, Jackie is not mentioned, Biene's girlfriend is called Rosi (but cannot be seen) and Murat speaks more Turkish than in the other episodes. As a customer "the blind Ewald" is mentioned (the later character Ewald is not blind). Furthermore, the entire backdrop (including the street) is structured differently.
  • It is very noticeable that the series almost exclusively takes place in and in front of Atze's kiosk, as well as in his apartment and that Atze is often in big problems, but always comes off the field as the winner in the end.
  • Although the performer of the fictional character Atze Schröder takes legal action against the publication of his real name, the real name of the artist appears as the source of ideas in the credits of the show. This also applies to repetitions.


  1. Mrs. Westermann mentions Ewald's surname in "Die Sportskanone" (S02E04)

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