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André Condouant (born September 6, 1935 in Pointe-à-Pitre , Guadeloupe ; † October 8, 2014 there ) was a French jazz guitarist .

Live and act

Condouant first worked in the French West Indies , at the age of 14 he played the double bass in the Brunel Averne Orchestra and the Orchester El Calderon Jazz. In 1956 he went on tour with Robert Mavounzy's orchestra ; In 1957 he moved to Paris and played in the Al Lirvat orchestra . Under the influence of American jazz musicians playing in Paris, he switched to the guitar and became a member of Benny Bennett's dance orchestra.

In the early 1960s he toured with Lou Bennett and Billy Brooks . Around 1962 he lived in Stockholm , where he met Idrees Sulieman and Leo Wright . At the tenth German Jazz Festival in 1962 he performed with an all-star band around Leo Wright, Carmell Jones , Fritz Pauer , Jimmy Woode and Joe Nay . In 1964 he toured Czechoslovakia and the GDR with Leo Wright's quintet . He then lived for several years in West Berlin , where he a. a. performed with Carmell Jones, Dexter Gordon , Jaki Byard , Pony Poindexter , Art Farmer , Don Byas , Joe Harris , Booker Ervin , Charlie Rouse and Thelonious Monk .

On his return to France he played in the quartet of Johnny Griffin , again with Lou Bennett and Joe Nay, as well as with Phil Upchurch , Åke Persson and Nathan Davis . In 1970, Brother Meeting in Paris produced his first album under his own name with Eddy Louiss , Percy Heath and Connie Kay . In the 1970s he lived temporarily again in Guadeloupe before moving to Paris again in 1978. He performed at Olympia with Rhoda Scott and recorded his second album Happy Funk . From 1979 to 1984 he had his own quartet in which Alain Jean-Marie and Alby Cullaz played. In 1985 he performed at the Festival International de Guitare de Martinique , and in 1986 in the Antilles with Ray Barretto and Didier Lockwood . In 1987 he made guest appearances at the first Festival International de Jazz de Martinique , in Paris with Jacky Terrasson , Hein van de Geyn and André Ceccarelli . In the 1990s he finally settled in Guadeloupe and performed there in the following years a. a. with Al Lirvat, Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine . In 1998 the duo album Clean & Class was created with Alain Jean-Marie .

Discographic notes

Recordings under your own name:

  • Brother Meeting (Debs, 1971) with Eddy Louiss, Percy Heath, Connie Kay
  • Happy Funk (Debs, 1979) with Richard Raux, Michel Graillier , Sylvain Marc, Tony Rabeson , Jean-Pierre Coco
  • André Condouant Quartet (Debs, 1981) with Alain Jean-Marie, Patrice Caratini , Oliver Johnson
  • Banana Zouk (Debs, 1986) with Patrick Artero, Lionel Jouot, Allen Hoist, Yves Honore, José Vulbeau, Frédéric Caracas, Tony Lodin, Tanya St. Val ...
  • Thanks for All (Debs, 1988) with Frédéric Caracas, Bibi Louison, José Vulbeau
  • André Condouant & Alain Jean-Marie Clean & Class (Karac, 1997)
  • Gospel Swing (Karac, 2002) with Jocelyn Ménard
  • Coolin '& Relaxin' (Debs, 2005) with Pipo Gertrude, Dominique Bérose, Jean-Pierre Girondin, Tony Lodin
  • The Mad Man (Debs, 2009) with Paul Lay , Alex Duque, Tony Lodin, Jean-Luc Gilles

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