Anna Dorothea of ​​Saxe-Weimar

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Princess Anna Dorothea of ​​Saxe-Weimar (born November 12, 1657 in Weimar , † June 24, 1704 in Quedlinburg ) was the abbess of the Quedlinburg monastery .

Anna Dorothea of ​​Saxe-Weimar, Princess Abbess of Quedlinburg


Anna Dorothea was a daughter of Duke Johann Ernst II of Saxe-Weimar and his wife Princess Christine Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg (1638–1679).

From 1681 to 1684 she was provess of the Quedlinburg monastery. When the abbess Anna Sophie II von Hessen-Darmstadt died in 1683, the Holstein princess Anna Dorothea von Holstein-Gottorp was appointed as her successor. But by influencing the patron saint, the Saxon Elector Johann Georg III. , and by influencing the chapter of the colleges , Anna Dorothea achieved that she was elected the new abbess herself on September 4, 1684 and confirmed by Emperor Leopold I on January 29, 1685 .

During her time as abbess, there was a change of patronage over the monastery in 1698. The takeover of the Polish royal throne by Elector August the Strong - he had succeeded his father as patron - devoured such large sums of money that August the Strong was forced to give the patronage for 340,000 thalers to the Brandenburg Elector Friedrich III. (from 1701 King in Prussia ) for sale.

This change brought many changes with it, because the abbess was not only severely restricted in her powers, the monastery also lost numerous possessions. So it is not surprising that Anna Dorothea was not in agreement with this change, as was the Quedlinburg citizens. Anna Dorothea protested against this sale and refused to grant Kurbrandenburg patronage. The Elector of Brandenburg then had Quedlinburg occupied by the military in January 1698 and in September of the same year the city finally paid homage, and a little later also the clergy of the monastery. With the new patron, but also with the council of the city of Quedlinburg, Anna Dorothea often contradicted the filling of pastoral positions.

Coffin in the princely crypt (middle)

In 1703 Anna Dorothea's health was so weakened that she traveled to Karlsbad in the same year to recover; but without success. The abbess died on June 24, 1704 at the age of 46 in Quedlinburg. Her coffin is now in the royal crypt in the historical cemetery in Weimar.


predecessor Office Successor
Anna Sophie II. Abbess of Quedlinburg
1684 - 1704