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The Military History Working Group V. (AKM) is a research network founded in 1995 in the form of a registered association for interdisciplinary war and military history . The seat is in Freiburg im Breisgau . The office is at the Institute for European History at the Technical University of Chemnitz .

Purpose and organization

The military history association was founded after the German Historians' Day in Leipzig in 1994, initially as a loose working group and finally as a registered association in October 1995 and is intended to "contribute to the development of this current and important field of historical studies , which is institutionally hardly represented at German-speaking universities".

In the academic work, several areas of historical studies such as political, institutional, economic, social, cultural and gender history are integrated. The focus is on the late 19th and 20th centuries. In addition to annual general meetings, the circle has been organizing annual meetings with different topics and workshops as discussions with an innovative signal effect in Germany and the United Kingdom since 1997.

The events also include the 2010 and 2012 colloquia in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Board for the award of the Werner Hahlweg Prize , the Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement , the German Committee for the History of the Second World War , the Military History Research Office, the Military Working Group and Society in the early modern period and the chair for military history / cultural history of violence at the University of Potsdam .

In addition to the Working Group on Historical Peace Research (AKHF) and the Working Group on the Military and Society in the Early Modern Age (AMG), it is one of the most important working groups for military history in German-speaking countries.

The association has over 500 members (as of 2017), including well-known historians such as Christian Koller , Frank Becker , Thomas Kühne , Christian Th. Müller and John Zimmermann , Jost Dülffer , Gundula Bavendamm and Roger Chickering . The incumbent board (since 2017) includes Martin Clauss (1st chairman), Christoph Rass (2nd chairman), Peter M. Quadflieg (treasurer), Wencke Meteling (secretary), Christoph Nübel , Gundula Gahlen and Alaric Searle (assessor) . Honorary chairmen are Stig Förster (since 2017) and Gerd Krumeich .

Previous chairs of the Military History Working Group were:

  • 1995-2002: Wilhelm Deist
  • 2002–2017: Stig Förster
  • since 2017: Martin Clauss

Wilhelm Deist Prize for Military History

The young generation in research in German-speaking countries has been supported since 2006 by the Wilhelm Deist Prize for Military History, which goes back to Wilhelm Deist , the former “Leading Historian” at the Military History Research Office (MGFA) . He was also chairman and honorary chairman (2002-2003) of the association. Gerd Krumeich has been honorary chairman since 2005 . The prize is awarded annually for above-average theses in history (including Peter M. Quadflieg (2007), Christoph Nübel (2008)) that precede the dissertation. The jury members include a. Stig Förster from Bern and Sönke Neitzel from Potsdam.

Publications (selection)

From 1995 to 2011 the magazine newsletter was published every four months and is archived in magazine databases.

The following work is in connection with the working group military history e. V. was created or published, including volumes of the multi-part series War in the History of the Ferdinand Schöningh publishing house :

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