Balthasar von Ahlefeldt (1684–1752)

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Balthasar von Ahlefeldt (born July 25, 1684 in Lindau near Gettorf , † March 15, 1752 in Kiel ) was lord of the noble estates of Lindau and Neudorf as well as lieutenant general and commander of Glückstadt .


Balthasar von Ahlefeldt was the son of Georg von Ahlefeldt (1651–1700) and the nobility Benedict von Ahlefeldt, nee. from Buchwaldt . In 1705 he studied in Angers and in 1706 he became a lieutenant and was in the Brunswick-Lüneburg service. 1708 he was lieutenant of the Leibdragoner in Brabant and was in the holstein-gottorfischen service. He took part in the sieges of Lille , in 1709 of Mons , in 1710 of Aire, Béthune and Douey.

In 1711 he was appointed lieutenant colonel and married his first wife Catharine Hedwig born on December 2 of the same year in Hamburg. Rantzau , daughter of Cai von Rantzau (1652–1700) and Magdalene Hedwig von Rantzau (* 1679), who died in 1713 giving birth to her first child. As early as 1714 he married Sophie Hedwig, geb. von Wohnsfleth, daughter of the bailiff and district administrator Sievert von Wohnsfleth and his wife Sophie Ernestine geb. Baudissin , who died in 1728.

From 1718 he was chief forester and court marshal to Duke Christian August of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf . After his death he was a privy councilor in the service of Duke Karl Friedrich of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf .

In 1730 he married his third wife Ida Emerentia von Ahlefeldt (1681–1741), daughter of Wilhelm von Ahlefeldt on Haselau and Kaden .

In 1732 he resigned from the service of Duke Karl Friedrich. In 1734 he was a colonel of the 5th Jutian cavalry regiment in the service of the emperor and took part in the fighting on the Rhine . In 1735 he filed for bankruptcy and sold the Lindau estate to his cousin Wulf von Ahlefeldt, lord of the Königsförde estate . From 1742 he was major general , 1750 commander of Glückstadt and 1751 lieutenant general . Balthasar von Ahlefeldt died completely impoverished on March 15, 1752 in the “Noerer Hof” in Kiel. His estate consisted almost entirely of borrowed items and an auction on his estate brought in less than 700 Reichstaler for the creditors , who only received around 18 percent of their claims. After the estate had been liquidated, his estate administrator made the following comment: " It must have been a long time since a lieutenant general died in such poor circumstances" . Von Ahlefeldt was buried in the Lindau crypt at the St. Jürgen church in Gettorf.