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The Bavarian Theater Prize has been awarded by the Bavarian State Government since 1997 for outstanding performance by stages in German-speaking countries. It was apparently only awarded until 2002.


The prize is awarded for in-house productions of the current year or the previous year in the categories of drama , opera and dance as well as other forms of theater (e.g. operetta , musical ) (prize money up to € 50,000). In addition, "other theater events" that cannot be categorized are regularly awarded a prize. Since 2002 there has also been a prize in the children's and youth theater category (prize money up to € 25,000). The prize money must be used within the next three years for artistic projects that could not otherwise be financed from the current budget of the theater, or not financed in this artistic form.

In addition to the prizes for stages, a single prize was awarded to an individual from 1997 to 2001 for special achievements. For the first time in 1998 and regularly since 2000, a non-endowed honorary award from the Bavarian Prime Minister is given to an individual in the theater.


The awarding of the prize is decided by the Bavarian Prime Minister . A jury made up of actors, artistic directors, critics, authors and a cultural officer will submit proposals. In turn, the jury is advised by the Board of Trustees of the Bavarian Theater Prize , which is made up of directors of the Bavarian State Theaters, the President of the Bavarian Theater Academy and a representative of the Ministry of Art.

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