Bernhard of Beauvryé

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Bernhard von Beauvryé , originally Leonard de B. (* August 13, 1690 , unknown, probably in the Netherlands , † August 13, 1750 in Berlin ) was a Prussian major general of Huguenot descent. 1735–1737 Builder and namesake of the Palais Beauvryé of the same name, destroyed in 1945, at Pariser Platz No. 5 in Berlin-Mitte , where the French embassy has been located since 1835.


Beauvryé immigrated from the Netherlands to Prussia in 1715 . His first use was in the siege of Stralsund . In 1724 he got his own company and became a major. He quickly made a career in the Prussian army as an artillery officer and fireworker and rose to major general . Friedrich Wilhelm I , the “Soldier King”, gave him the property on Pariser Platz in 1735, and in 1736 Beauvryé was raised to the imperial nobility . On October 13, 1740 he was promoted to colonel. In the same year he received the order Pour le Mérite from Frederick II . Also in 1740 he bought the manors Klinge and Gosda (east of Cottbus in Niederlausitz) from Gottlob Heinrich von Kracht for 27,000 thalers and 500 thalers of key money. On December 26, 1746 he was promoted to major general. On May 3, 1747 he was appointed governor of Aken , Calbe and God's grace . He was very successful in the battles between 1741 and 1745 as a colonel in the artillery and was wounded by grazing shots in the battle of Thrush .

He died on his birthday in 1750 and was buried in the Berlin garrison church.

He was married to Johanna Henriette (1699–1780), a daughter of General Christian Nicolaus von Linger (1669–1755), and had four sons and two daughters. His son Christian Gottlieb Ehrenreich von Beauvryé (* 1727) became a Prussian court judge.

Family, descendants, Schrader von Beauvryé

Several descendants of Beauvryé also served in the Prussian army. Thomas Carlyle mentions in his History of Frederick II of Prussia a small episode in which a "Captain Beauvryé" is mentioned in connection with skirmishes during the Seven Years' War on September 23, 1762. Already four years earlier, in 1758, is a Christian von Beauvryé (probably the one mentioned in Carlyle) was awarded the Pour le Mérite .

A staff captain still served in the Prussian army in 1806 . In 1834 the line had expired. A male from the last descendants of the family's adopted son, the Captain (later Major ) in the 8th Cuirassier - Regiment Johann Wilhelm Christian Schrader, was in the Prussian on January 24, 1837 peerage collected and led the family name as "Schrader of Beauvryé" continued. His son Albin was born in Langensalza in 1821 and was an officer in the Inf.-Rgt. Louis Ferdinand in Halberstadt , as well as the last known descendant of the family. Johann Schrader came from Wolmirstedt and was a great-uncle of the orientalist and journalist Dr. Friedrich Schrader (1865–1922, lived in Constantinople ).