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Berthold Carl Seemann

Berthold Seemann (full name Berthold Carl Seemann ; born February 28, 1825 in Hanover , † October 10, 1871 in Javali , Nicaragua ) was a German traveler , naturalist , botanist and plant collector . Its official botanical author abbreviation is “ Seem. "

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Berthold Seemann was born in Hanover in 1825 as the second son of the clarinetist and royal Hanover chamber musician Wilhelm Seemann and his wife Caroline, who worked at the court theater there .

In 1846, Seemann was added by the British Admiralty as a naturalist to the expedition that Sir Henry Kellett undertook with the Herald ship . He visited Central and South America . In 1848 the Herald was commissioned to penetrate the Arctic Ocean from the Bering Strait to clarify the fate of the missing John Franklin and his expedition. In this way, Seemann made three research trips to the Arctic Sea . In 1849 he returned to Mazatlán , toured Mexico , penetrated again into the Arctic Ocean in 1850 and arrived back in London in July 1851 . In 1852 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina .

In February 1860, Seemann embarked on a second major voyage, during which he explored the Fiji Islands in particular and coined the name of the man- eater tomato. From 1864 to 1866 he toured Venezuela and Central America. Seemann was temporarily employed at the Botanical Gardens in Hanover and in Kew . In 1853 he got the Dr. hc awarded by the University of Göttingen ; from 1853 to 1862 he was editor of the magazine Bonplandia , 1863 to 1871 he was editor of the Journal of Botany, British and Foreign .

After he was administrator of a sugar plantation in Panama for some time , Seemann died on October 10, 1871 in Javali (Nicaragua), where he was a member of the board of directors of a gold mining company.


The plants genera Seemannia rule (today in the genus Gloxinia , Gesneriae family (Gesneriaceae), incorporated), Seemannantha Alef. from the legume family (Fabaceae) and Seemannaralia R. Viguier from the Araliaceae family were named after him.

Journey around the world and three journeys by the Royal British Frigate Herald ...

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