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Coat of arms of those of Brumsee

Brumsee is the name of an extinct Prussian noble family .


The Burmese , historically also Brumsen , Brumse , Brömse , Brömsy or Brümsy , are a branch of the Brümsi , a Swiss patrician family of the city of Schaffhausen in the canton of the same name , who immigrated to Schaffhausen from Maienfeld in the canton of Graubünden in the 11th century and with Eberhardus Brümsi (1239), Hainricus (1251) and Konrad (1258) were first mentioned in a document. The family rose to the lower nobility in the Middle Ages and also acquired knighthood at an early age .

With Heinrich aka Hans Bruemsi , documentary called 1394 and 1401, which are already under the name form Bruemsee occurred and Labehnen and Borscheck fief was the sex first appeared in Prussia. The secured family line begins with his presumed son Joachim Brumsee , who sat on Labehnen in 1440 and, through his wife Johanna, was the brother-in-law of Grand Master Johann von Tiefen .

The Brumsee must have held the Prussian indigenous community , they marry consistently with the local nobility, had numerous sons as officers, especially in the Prussian army , but also in Dutch , Saxon , Polish and Russian services and were able to hold important positions in the civilian service administration, like that of a Amtshauptmann or district administrator occupy. With Luise Barbara Charlotte alias Dorothea Margarete von Brumsee († 1813), married to Ernst Heinrich von Wernsdorff on Truntlack († 1782), the sex found its beginning.

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Prussian Brumsee shows in the split shield on the right a six-pointed silver star in black and on the left a black star in silver. On the helmet with black and silver covers, two buffalo horns , the right one black and the left one silver, each accompanied by three stars of mistaken color.


  • Hans von Brumsee (1653 †)
    • Joachim Wilhelm von Brumsee (1653 †)
    • Christoph von Brumsee († after 1632)
      • Christoph Joachim von Brumsee († 1688), governor of Prussian Mark , heir to Kilgis
        • Melchior Andreas von Brumsee († after 1701), Prussian chamberlain , governor of Neidenburg and Soldau , heir on Kilgis and crutches
        • Johann Friedrich von Brumsee († after 1706), Prussian district administrator, major and governor of Ortelsburg
        • Ernst von Brumsee († after 1701), Prussian chamberlain and governor of the Rhine


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