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Julius Kindler von Knobloch (born May 5, 1842 in Silberberg , † June 2, 1911 in Dresden ) was a Anhalt Chamberlain and Court Marshal , Prussian Lieutenant Colonel , member of the Prussian Herald's Office and the Baden Historical Commission and genealogist .

life and work

Kindler was a great-grandson of Johann Kindler (* around 1720) in Lagowitz in the Meseritz district and a son of the Prussian colonel Johann Georg Friedrich Kindler (1797–1876) and Agnes Klara Konstanze von Knobloch (1803–1886), the last of their line. He was trained in a Prussian cadet house. He then joined the 5th Artillery Regiment as an officer. He took part in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870/71 , where he was involved in the battles of Wörth and Sedan and the siege of Paris . After the war he was stationed as battery chief of the 15th artillery regiment in Strasbourg and received the Prussian nobility as Kindler von Knobloch through the highest cabinet order of May 25, 1872 and a letter of nobility in Berlin on January 30, 1873 . At the beginning of the 1880s he took his leave of the military with the rank of lieutenant colonel . From 1886 to 1901 he worked for the royal Prussian heraldry in Berlin . From 1895 to 1900 he was also court chief of Prince Aribert von Anhalt . After leaving the heraldry - for health reasons - he first moved to Oberzell , later to Baden-Baden and finally to Dresden .

In 1903 he became a corresponding member of the heraldic association Herold, Association for Heraldry, Genealogy and Allied Sciences in Berlin .

His main work is the Upper Baden gender book, which has remained unfinished in print, with genealogies mainly on noble families from the Upper Rhine. His legacy is kept in the General State Archives in Karlsruhe .

The Upper Baden Gender Book

In 1891 the Baden Historical Commission planned to start a project to create an Upper Baden gender book and contacted Kindler. In the XI. At the plenary session in November 1892, he was entrusted with the management of the project. According to the definition of the project, genders of the high and low nobility, as well as the patriciate, should be included, provided they are documented. In terms of time, those genders should be taken into account that were already detectable before the Thirty Years War, as this war resulted in considerable immigration. Taking them into account would have inflated the already extensive material further. Spatially, the areas south of the Oos of the then Grand Duchy of Baden were to be covered with the term "Upper Baden".

  • The first volume (1898) contains the sexes beginning with the letter A; B or P; D or T; E; F or V; G; H (to Hayinger). With 973 coat of arms, drawn by Karl von Neuenstein and Heinrich Nahde
  • The second volume (1905) contains the genders beginning with the letter H (from He); I or Y; C or K; L. With 683 coats of arms.
  • The third volume (1919) contains the sexes beginning with the letter M; N; O; Q; R (to Rutschi). With 439 coats of arms.

The coats of arms are exclusively black and white, but each is complemented by the blazon .

Kindler supervised the project from 1894 to 1908. The editing from the letter "N" was done by Othmar von Stotzingen, who continued the work up to the letter "R". Volumes 1 and 2 were published under Kindler's direction, followed by von Stotzingen's third volume. However, the work was never completed.

The Heidelberg University Library has made the gender book available in digital form since 2008/2009.



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