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The Consistoire Nancy , like the Consistoire central israélite and another twelve regional consistories, was created by Napoleon by an imperial decree of March 15, 1808. The Consistoire was based in the French city ​​of Nancy and the associated Jewish communities had a total of 4,166 members in 1808.


The consistories, which were given semi-state status, were supposed to regulate the internal affairs of the Jewish religious community based on the Protestant model . At the top of the three-tier hierarchical structure was the Consistoire central israélite (Central Consistory) in Paris , to which the regional consistories (Consistoires regionaux) were subordinate, to which the individual Jewish communities (communautés juives) were subordinate. The consistories had the task of supervising the practice of religion within the state laws and of setting and collecting taxes so that the organs of the Jewish denomination could meet their expenses.

With the law separating church and state , which came into force in 1905 , the period of consistories ended. The Jewish communities now had to constitute themselves as associations and get along without government grants.


Each regional consistory had a chief rabbi and four lay members elected by the Jewish notables of the affiliated communities.


After the Annuaire israélite for 1855/56, the consistory of Nancy was responsible for the following departments : Doubs , Haute-Marne , Meurthe , Meuse and Vosges . The affiliated Jewish communities had a total of 8,000 members in 1855.

The affiliated Jewish communities and their number of members in 1855 (probably approximate values ​​and no exact information according to Annuaire).

1872 to 1905

After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 and the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine by the German Empire , the division of the regional consistories was changed with the decree of September 12, 1872. The areas remaining with France were redistributed and at the same time the Consistoire Lille and the Consistoire Vesoul were newly created.

In 1872 the following Jewish communities belonged to the Nancy Consistory:

In the Meurthe-et-Moselle department :

In the Meuse department :

In the Côte-d'Or department :

In the Aube department :

In the Yonne department :


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