The sex thief

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Original title The sex thief
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1998
length 85 minutes
Director Christian Petzold
script Christian Petzold
production Bettina Reitz
Caroline from Senden
music Stefan Will
camera Hans Fromm
cut Katja Dringenberg

Die Beischlafdiebin is a German television film by Christian Petzold from 1998 with Constanze Engelbrecht and Nele Mueller-Stöfen in the leading roles.


Petra is at home in the tourist metropolises of the world. She lives from seducing wealthy men and robbing them with the help of sleeping pills.

With part of the crooked money she finances her younger sister Franziska's studies and later her own translation agency. Franziska believes that her big sister earns the money as a successful remote manager.

Petra, who is on the heels of the police, moves to her little sister in Cologne, where she wants to start a new, happier life. But she soon discovers that Franziska has something to hide too. Franziska is deeply in debt.


“A crime tragedy played intensively in the leading roles about the sale of dreams and desires. It conjures up a dark, fatalistic film noir world, which in its predictable hopelessness is reminiscent of François Truffaut's Cornell-Woolrich adaptations ( The Secret of the False Bride , The Bride Wore Black ). "

- Lexicon of International Films


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