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dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1973
Seat Karlsruhe , Germany
management Christoph Werner, Chairman of the Management Board
Number of employees 62,000 (FY 2018/19, dm group)
sales 11.2 billion euros (FY 2018/19, dm group)
Branch Drugstore

Former dm headquarters in Karlsruhe (2006)

The dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG is a German drug company based in Karlsruhe . With around 3,700 branches and 62,000 employees, dm is the largest drugstore group in Europe (as of 2019).


Company history

Logo until 2000

The company's founder Götz Werner opened the first store in Karlsruhe in 1973 . In addition to the partner Werner, Günther Lehmann has only had one co-partner in the limited partnership since 1974 . At the beginning of 1976, the company entered the Austrian market. Due to the size of the company, dm- Germany became subject to co-determination and founded a works council in September 2002 and a co-determined supervisory board with eight employee representatives in spring 2003 . In 2008 Erich Harsch (* 1961) took over the management after 27 years with the company , replacing Werner, who moved to the supervisory board. In August 2010, company founder Werner announced that he had contributed his company shares to a charitable foundation. Götz Werner's son Christoph joined the management team in 2011 and has been responsible for marketing and online business ever since. Erich Harsch resigned as head of the management on January 1, 2020; Christoph Werner, the son of the company founder, took over.

dm is a member of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW) .

In July 2019 dm moved into a new company headquarters in Karlsruhe, the architect was the Stuttgart office Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei .

Corporate culture

The corporate culture is characterized by flat hierarchies with dialogical leadership and great freedom of decision-making for employees. According to company founder Götz Werner, the work climate is more important than profit.


dm Germany

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding August 28, 1973
Seat Karlsruhe , Germany
management Christoph Werner , Chairman of the Management Board
Number of employees 41,000 (FY 2018/2019)
sales 8.4 billion euros (FY 2018/2019)
Branch Drugstore

Business data

In the 2018/19 financial year, dm Germany generated sales of 8.4 billion euros and employed around 41,000 people in 2000 stores.

Range and brands

Since 1986 own brands have been introduced at dm . Balea is used for personal care products. In 2008 there were 21 dm brands with a total of 2,600 products in almost all product ranges. In 2004, this product segment generated around 30 percent of total sales. Between 2006 and the end of 2012, dm offered an order and collection service for pharmacy-only medicines in cooperation with the Dutch mail-order pharmacy Europa Apotheek Venlo . Since January 2013 there has been a cooperation with the Swiss Mail Order Pharmacy zur Rose AG . The organic department took up an ever larger space in the sales range . Alnatura products were also sold here, which until 2014 was by far their largest trading partner. In 2015, dm decided to introduce its own brand "dmBio" and therefore gradually discontinue all Alnatura products.

Market penetration

In a dm branch in Mannheim

In Germany, dm has been the largest drugstore chain by sales since 2010. Schlecker was second until the bankruptcy in 2012 , followed by Rossmann in third . Schlecker led by the number of branches. After about thirty years an informal market sharing between the third-largest German drugstore enterprise Rossmann and dm was sat around since the turn of the millennium a predatory one. While Rossmann previously supplied the north and east of Germany and the south, Rossmann has now given up his restraint with the support of the Hong Kong company Hutchison Whampoa . In return, dm is opening more and more branches in the north, especially in the metropolitan areas of Hanover and Berlin. According to the company, in 2007 each dm branch had an average turnover of 270,000 euros per month, Rossmann came to 150,000 euros and Schlecker to 45,000 euros per branch. In 2014, dm had a market share of 23 percent in Germany, 17.5 percent were shared by the other drugstores. More than a third of drugstore items are sold in grocery stores, 27 percent at discounters.

dm Germany has two distribution centers in Waghäusel and Weilerswist .

Employee training

Budding druggists can receive dual vocational training at dm . To this end, the company is active in the expansion of school locations. Since the start of the commitment in 1998, the number of training locations for druggists has increased from eight to 21. While the vocational schools focus on general training for retail salespeople, dm specializes its apprentices in drugstore-specific specialist knowledge and also uses unconventional methods such as theater workshops to increase the rhetorical skills of the trainees. Between 1998 and 2006, 3500 of these trainees were taken on at dm.

Since autumn 2006, the group has been financing 16 places in the bachelor's degree in business administration at the anthroposophically oriented Alanus University of Art and Society near Bonn with the intention of recruiting potential management trainees .


28 years after the company was founded, works councils were introduced in the group . Some employees took the initiative in two distribution centers in 2002 and set up co-determination structures. The company management then decided to set up works councils in all branches. A works councilwoman called the procedure a “clever move” by dm , because the company management approached selected employees at the time and thus deliberately booted out employees critical of the company.

Central Europe

dm drogerie markt GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1976
Seat Wals-Siezenheim , Austria
management Martin Engelmann, Chairman of the Management Board ;
Manfred Kühner, deputy. Chairman
Number of employees Austria: 5,898
CEE : 8,923
sales Austria: 683 million euros
CEE: 1,077 million euros
Branch Drugstore

Company history

Günter Bauer , former rowing partner of dm founder Götz Werner , worked in the 1970s as his business partner in the management of dm Germany. Together they developed the plan to open dm drugstores in Austria as well. In preparation, they founded dm drogerie markt GmbH on January 30, 1976 . The market entry in Austria finally took place in November 1976 with the opening of the first dm branch in Linz . A self-service drugstore had not yet taken place in Austria. In 1981 dm passed the 100 branch mark in Austria. Drugstore apprentices have been trained since 1984 . In 1987 dm opened its first cosmetics studio and the first fresh food counter in Innsbruck, a healthy break with organically prepared juices and snacks. In the same year, dm launched the Alnatura brand  - according to its own information, as the first trading company - to bring organically grown foods onto the market. In 1991 the first hairdressing studio was opened in a branch in Salzburg. From 1992 the expansion into the neighboring countries to the east began from dm-Austria . The first foreign branches were opened in the Czech Republic ( Budweis ), in Hungary ( Budapest ) and in Slovenia ( Ljubljana ) ( see dm subgroup Central and Eastern Europe ).

Bauer, as dm Austria co-owner and co-founder, was active as managing director of dm Austria until the end of 2008. Furthermore, he is chairman of the supervisory board for the dm companies of the dm sub-group Central and Eastern Europe (see below) and a member of the supervisory board of dm Germany and dm Austria.

The Austrian headquarters have been in Wals-Siezenheim since the end of 2006 . In 2014, dm operates 380 branches.


The group company, which is largely operationally independent of Germany, is dm drogerie markt GmbH, founded on January 30, 1976 and based in Wals, which is majority owned by dm-Germany through indirect holdings:

  • The shareholders of dm drogerie markt GmbH are dm drogerie markt Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH with 68% and Aspiag Management AG with 32%. (Austria SPAR International AG is the international management and holding company of Spar Austria .)
    • The dm-Verwaltungsgesellschaft, which was founded on December 10, 1980 and is based in Wals, is 75% owned by the Austrian dm Holding Gesellschaft mbH and 25% owned by Bauer Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
      • The dm-Holding, which was founded on December 11th, 1980 and is based in Wals, is 100% owned by dm-Germany (dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG).
      • Bauer Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, which was founded on August 31, 1981 and is based in Salzburg, is 100% owned by Günter Bauer's family members.

Since October 1, 1999, the operative dm drogerie markt GmbH has held a 4% stake in the purchasing cooperation MARKANT Österreich GmbH from Nah & Frisch .

dm subgroup Central and Eastern Europe

dm branch in
Zadar, Croatia
Europe-wide activities of dm

The Central & Eastern Europe subgroup is legally and organizationally part of the Austrian group company. The following ten 100% subsidiaries are subject to this:

  • since 1993: dm Czech Republic, 232 branches
  • since 1993: dm Hungary, 260 branches
  • since 1994: dm Slovenia, 84 branches
  • since 1995: dm Slovakia, 146 branches
  • since 1996: dm Croatia, 161 branches
  • since 2004: dm Serbia, 97 branches
  • since 2006: dm Bosnia and Herzegovina, 74 branches
  • since 2007: dm Romania, 105 branches
  • since 2009: dm Bulgaria, 80 branches
  • since 2012: dm North Macedonia , 16 branches
  • since 2017: dm Italy, 28 branches

Business data

As of September 30th according to the financial year

Fiscal year Branches Employee Sales in million euros
2006/07 347 4,539 516
2007/08 354 4,901 545
2008/09 5,086 579
2009/10 363 5,372 616
2010/11 370 5,572 644
2011/12 377 5,898 683
2012/13 380 6,039 720
2013/14 384 6.226 756
2014/15 388 6,305 801
2015/16 390 6,593 852
2016/17 391 6,763 904
Central and Eastern Europe
Fiscal year Branches Employee Sales in million euros
2006/07 566 5.116 620
2007/08 658 6,420 785
2008/09 762 7,415 867
2009/10 855 8,015 958
2010/11 910 8,057 1,044
2011/12 977 8,923 1,077
2012/13 1,033 9,382 1,128
2013/14 1,058 9,620 1.166
2014/15 1,092 10,240 1,244
2015/16 1,134 11,054 1,359
2016/17 1,181 12,377 1,498

Sales structure, range and brands

The same applies to the sales structure as with dm Germany . The Austrian branches are supplied via the distribution center in Enns . The distribution center for the logistics of the Central & Eastern Europe subgroup, which opened in spring 2011, is located in Hungary.

The range of dm Austria includes around 14,000 drugstore items. From the industrial range - including 22 own brands - items from the fields of beauty and health, baby, photo and household as well as pet food, small textiles and so-called Four Seasons are offered. The focus is on natural cosmetics and "healthy nutrition" items, such as B. Products from Alnatura . Branch-dependent offers are hairdressing and cosmetic studios as well as “healthy break fresh food counters”.

Market penetration

The three market leaders of 2011, dm, Schlecker (around 1000 branches) and Bipa (572), together achieved 80% market share in Austrian drugstore retail .

Sales in China

German media reported for the first time in July 2016 about a possible market entry of dm-drogerie markt in China . In December of the same year, dm actually started in a soft launch phase with a shop on the Alibaba China cross-border platform Tmall Global with a so-called flagship store . The official opening took place in March 2017.

For online sales on Tmall Global, orders from the central warehouse in Germany are processed by long-term logistics partner DSV and delivered to consumers in China by Alibaba's logistics arm Cainiao.


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