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Dr. Moth at the 2005 Love Parade in Acapulco, Mexico

Dr. Motte (born Matthias Roeingh * 9 July 1960 in Berlin 's Spandau district ) is a German techno - DJ and musician and label owner . He became known as the co-founder and organizer of the music and dance event Loveparade in Berlin. Until 2006 he was co-owner of Loveparade Berlin GmbH , the business purpose of which was to market the Loveparade brand name, which is protected in several countries .


In 1985 Roeingh first worked as a disc jockey . The trained concrete worker was previously a member of various Berlin music groups a. a. Die Toten Piloten (1981–1984), German-Polish Aggression (or DPA for short) (1981) and Squealer (1982) are active. He also worked with DPA on the book Geniale Dilletanten . He first used the stage name Motte at Squealer . As a disc jockey he turned to house music from 1987 onwards . B. in his own club Turbine Rosenheim and later in clubs like the UFO and the Planet Musik.

With the help of his then partner, the American multimedia artist Danielle de Picciotto , he started the Love Parade in 1989. Registered as a demonstration for peace, joy, pancakes , 150 people took part in the first event on July 1st of that year on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm .

In 1991 he changed his stage name to Dr. Motte , founded the record company Space Teddy the following year and started to work as a disc jockey all over Germany. In 1993 he released his first music album Chill Out, Planet Earth! . From 2001 he organized events under the name Praxxiz and founded the party series of the same name. This became the record label Praxxiz in 2010 .

His speeches at the closing rallies of the Love Parade under the Berlin Victory Column on the Großer Stern became famous. Dr. Motte not only wanted the participants to dance, but also wanted them to become active participants in a “dance movement”. He wanted " harmony through music" to develop and freedom to arise through non-verbal communication , spoke of love and respect, of the diversity of dance music and at the end of his short speeches, wished the participants of the Love Parade a nice party.

From 2001 onwards, the Love Parade was no longer recognized as a political demonstration. As a result, the organizers had to pay for the high cleaning costs and the safety of the participants themselves. In addition, more and more sponsors withdrew. The organizers' reserves were used up in 2003 and the Love Parade could only take place in 2003 thanks to the participation of the Berlin Exhibition Center. The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit campaigned for the event to be supported with 500,000 euros. In the absence of sponsors, the parade was canceled for the first time in 2004. The organizers were missing more than half a million euros, mainly for waste disposal. At the end of 2004 Fabian Lenz also resigned as managing director of Love Parade GmbH. In 2005 the organizers canceled the parade again due to financial problems. In February 2006, shortly before the bankruptcy, Rainer Schaller joined Loveparade GmbH with his fitness studio chain “McFit”. In 2006 the Love Parade was held again under the motto "The Love is Back". The final rally took place without Dr. Moth instead. Dr. Motte distanced himself from the Love Parade and justified this with a commercial orientation of this mass event and gave speeches at the Fuck Parade, which was originally a counter-demonstration to the Love Parade.

Dr. After the accident at the Love Parade 2010, Motte held the organizer, Lopavent GmbH and its managing director Rainer Schaller , also managing director of the then main sponsor McFit , responsible: “The organizers are to blame. [...] It was all about making money. The organizers have not shown the slightest sense of responsibility for the people ”( according to Spiegel ) and spoke of a“ scandal ”. He is of the opinion that Rainer Schaller only bought the rights to the Love Parade in order to have a marketing tool for his fitness studio chain McFit. But he couldn't buy the “Spirit” of the Love Parade, it stayed in Berlin. People died because of Mr. Schaller's decisions.

Roeingh later stated that he felt guilty. In 2006 he was against the sale of the Loveparade brand to Schaller and in favor of bankruptcy. But he was overruled by the co-owners at the time and failed to veto the sale at the time . “I view the Love Parade today as my child, a child who has been molested. And I feel guilty that I didn't stop the whole thing early because of my veto on the sale. Because then it would have been over, then this catastrophe would not have happened. "

On March 31, 2011, Dr. Motte, together with 45 other founding members in the Berlin Kunsthaus Tacheles, established an “association for the promotion, maintenance and presentation of electronic music and club culture, as well as the associated attitude towards life”. This is called electrocult e. V. (i.Gr.) . The board consists of: Paula P'Cay (1st chair), Lotar Küpper (2nd chair), Dr. Motte (Honorary Board Member), Ellen Dosch (Deputy 1st Board Member) and Bert Silzner (Deputy 2nd Board Member). However, the association has not carried out any publicly visible activities since it was founded, the former website is no longer owned by the association and the Facebook page no longer exists.

Political Actions

Dr. Motte sees himself as a political person. His political awareness began early on when his older brothers took him to an anti-Vietnam War demo when he was 12. The Love Parade was for Dr. Motte an event with a political message. The 1st parade took place as a registered political demonstration under the motto "Peace, Joy, Pancakes". Peace stands for disarmament on all levels, joy for dance and music as a means of understanding and pancakes for a fair distribution of food in the world. He registered his demo for something, not against something; because his vision is to formulate goals positively.

Freedom and civil rights are often the focus of his political commitment. In October 2008, Dr. Motte called for a demonstration under the motto “Freedom instead of fear - stop the surveillance mania!” At the final rally, he gave a speech in front of 100,000 participants.

In the summer of 2009, Dr. Motte among artists against the right and signed the nationwide appeal “Unrest create!” An appeal for a solidary, multicultural society, for social redistribution and social justice, for a peaceful Germany and for the promotion of cultural diversity.

Dr. Motte supported the LGBTI community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals / transgender and intersex people by participating in the Christopher Street Day in Berlin and Würzburg and at the Life Ball 2017 in Vienna.

Another important topic for Dr. Motte is the preservation of a liveable city. In 2010 he took part in the citizens' initiative against the renovation of Kastanienallee. "Here the district acts against the interests of the people," said Dr. Moth. The 2010 “Mega-Spree” alliance was about a different urban development policy. In his blog, Dr. Motte comments on demonstrations against the Mediaspree construction project and supports the protests by appearing at solidarity parties. Together with 150 initiatives, clubs and individuals, he called for a megaspree parade to set an example against what he believed to be the hostile policies of the Berlin Senate. “I channel my anger into creative resistance. I don't go out on the street and throw stones. That would be nonsense. "

Dr. In 2011, Motte was one of the numerous prominent supporters of the referendum on the full disclosure of the contracts for Berlin's water supply, the so-called “Berlin water table” - water belongs in the hands of the citizen - no more secret contracts!

In 2013, Dr. Motte on the subject of "Save your city" when he protested for the complete preservation of the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 kilometer long piece of the Berlin Wall, which was imaginatively designed by international artists after the fall of the Berlin Wall, making it an attraction for People from all over the world.

When Dr. In 2015, Motte campaigned against the development of the edge and for freedom on the Tempelhofer Feld, he was also interested in the will of the people, justice and democracy. The referendum, in which the development of the former airport was rejected by the Berlin population, should not be ignored.

Another focus of his socio-political engagement is the commitment to art and artists. Dr. Motte fought for a long time against the sale of the Tacheles. A legendary artist's house, which was founded in an occupied department store ruin in Berlin-Mitte and which helped shape the special and unique character of Berlin in the post-reunification period. Together with the electrocult association, Dr. Motte three “We Support Tacheles” parties to raise money for the Tacheles Foundation's legal aid fund.

Dr. Motte and his association electrocult eV founded the "Fair Play - Together against GEMA units" initiative and used it to organize protests against the GEMA tariff reform in 2012. The increase in the event tariffs of the collecting society GEMA would have had a significant impact on the club landscape. He was one of the spokesmen for the demo in Berlin, appeared in national discussions and gave interviews on the subject. In a guest contribution for the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” under the title “The Gema destroys our musical diversity”, he pointed out the immense importance of the catering sector for Berlin. He demanded fair treatment and fair framework conditions from Gema and thanked all parliamentary groups in the Berlin House of Representatives for their solidarity.

With his participation in the “We'll Come United” parade in September 2018 in Hamburg, Dr. Motte position for a colorful, diverse and cultural coexistence without discrimination and exclusion. In September 2018 the benefit festival “Bass Against Racism - Potsdam! shows color ”instead. Dr. Motte hung up as a special guest and showed solidarity with the initiative for tolerance and cosmopolitanism. In October 2018, Dr. Motte the TanzVersammlungRosenthaler at the rally "Tanzen gegen Rechts" with house and techno music. There was a protest against a simultaneous Nazi rally in Berlin-Mitte.

In 2008 he supported the demonstration freedom instead of fear for data protection and against surveillance. In his blog, he writes comments about demonstrations against the Mediaspree building project and supports the protests by appearing at solidarity parties.

Charity projects

Dr. Motte supports various aid organizations and charity events. When he hears the word “charity”, however, he also becomes suspicious. Whether after the disaster in Fukushima or after the accident at the Love Parade in Duisburg - the organizers of charity parties are often only concerned with making money themselves. Anyone who wants to be credible in projects that have been declared as non-profit must play with “open cards”, demands the Loveparade inventor.

He supported the association Hand in Hand for Children, which has been committed to children in need since 1995. In October 2012, the association organized a rave night in the arena of the Waschhaus' Potsdam, during which, in addition to Dr. Motte played other world-famous DJs such as DJ Divinity, Marusha, Tom Wax and Talla 2XLC. The Waschhaus Potsdam donated the entire entrance fee and all artists waived their fees.

Dr. Motte also put on the benefit concert "Dancing for kids" in Bielefeld and waived his fee. The entrance income was entirely for aid projects by Hand in Hand for Children eV The well-being of sick children and children living in poverty is a matter close to his heart. "They got into their situation through no fault of their own." For adults and for him too, Dr. Motte, be it an obligation to see to it that we help young people in need. At the event "Around The World In A Day" at the VW Center in Oldenburg in May 2016, a new record was to be set. Various teams cycled around the world more than twice on one day on “spinning bikes”. New world record for the longest team distance in static cycling in 24 hours. There was Dr. Motte regularly booked for the after party, but he played again for support before the final of the world record. That, without an extra fee. The entry fee raised an amount of EUR 13,179.43, which was donated to the Northwest Clinic Clowns from the Elisabeth Children's Hospital of the Oldenburg Clinic.

Dr. Motte is also committed to helping animals in need. On the initiative of Dr. Motte and his partner, manager and managing director of the agency Logowerk, Ellen Dosch, held two large benefit parties for the Berlin animal shelter in December 2017 and January 2018. Together with many other international artists from the electronic music scene, Dr. Motte up in Club Watergate under the motto "Beasts'n'Beats - A Fundraving Party" and in the salon for wild Renate under the motto "Beasts'n'Beats - Another Fundraving Party". The event won as a donation to the Tierschutzverein für Berlin eV Fundraving is a play on words from “Fundraising” and “Raving” (a word created by Ellen Dosch). Combining helping with fun, i.e. doing something good and dancing, that's what it's all about. “Dance for a better world. For me, that always includes the animals, ”says Dr. Motte became Dr. Moth sponsor for a Schopfmdaten monkey from the zoo in Wingst. He named the little monkey “Motte”.

In addition, Dr. Motte is also a member of the “Animal Relief Organization”, the “Society for Threatened Peoples”, the “BUND”, the “General German Bicycle Association” and is the plant sponsor in the Botanical Garden in Berlin. Since 2018 he has also been a member of the Berlin Archive of Youth Cultures eV

Controversial statements

Dr. Motte appeared several times because of controversial statements in the media. For example, he commented in an interview with Tagesspiegel in 1995, “This is my appeal to all Jews in the world to put on a new record. And don't just cry around ” . Two years later, he apologized for the appeal in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

In 2009, in a public speech at the Fuckparade, he called for the "end of gay politics" by the openly gay ruling Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit . Dr. Motte was then accused of being homophobic . The organizers distanced themselves from the speech by Dr. Mottes. He later apologized for his formulation and stated that he only wanted to have criticized a neoliberal policy. He only chose the phrase “gay politics” in this context because Berlin's governing mayor Wowereit himself politicized his sexual orientation with the famous phrase “I'm gay and that's a good thing” and used it for the election campaign.

In 2011, Dr. According to press reports, Motte parked his car near his apartment in Berlin's Kastanienallee and was then confronted by employees of the public order office . In the course of an escalating conflict in which a radio car crew was added, Motte is said to have insulted the law enforcement officers as “ block guards ” and shouted “ Heil Hitler ”. The public prosecutor's office investigated because of "use of marks of anti-constitutional organizations". Motte regretted the incident shortly afterwards. He had to pay a fine of € 4920.

Discography (selection)

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Sunshine (with WestBam )
  DE 5 07/07/1997 (16 weeks)
  AT 25th 08/31/1997 (6 weeks)
  CH 10 08/17/1997 (9 weeks)
  UK 98 11/29/1997 (1 week)
Love Parade 1998 (One World One Future) (with WestBam )
  DE 6th 06/29/1998 (14 weeks)
  CH 15th 07/19/1998 (7 weeks)
Music is the Key (Love Parade '99) (with WestBam )
  DE 27 06/28/1999 (8 weeks)
Love Parade 2000 (One World One Love Parade) (with WestBam )
  DE 9 06/26/2000 (10 weeks)
  AT 32 07/09/2000 (6 weeks)
  CH 83 07/02/2000 (5 weeks)
The sound of the family ( 3phase feat. Dr. Motte)
  DE 52 11/20/2000 (3 weeks)


  • 1992: Euphorhythm - Chill Out Planet Earth (Space Teddy)
  • 1993: 030 Feat. Dr. Moth - Ki ( MFS )
  • 1995: Dicabor vs Dr. Motte - Live At The Interference Festival At Chromapark (Space Teddy)
  • 2009: Dr. Motte Meets Gabriel Le Mar - Dr Motte Meets Gabriel Le Mar ( FAX + 49-69 / 450464 )

Singles and EPs

  • 1992: 3phase feat. Dr. Motte - The sound of the family
  • 1997: Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade 1997 (Sunshine)
  • 1998: Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade 1998 (One World One Future)
  • 1999: Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade 1999 (Music is the Key)
  • 2000: Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade 2000 (One World One Loveparade)
  • 2000: 3Phase feat. Dr. Motte - The Sound of the Family (Revisited)
  • 2008: Dr. Motte & Marc van Linden - Wobble Peter
  • 2010: 3Phase feat. Dr. Motte - The Sound of the Family (remastered, # PRZ001)
  • 2010: DJ Dag vs. Dr. Moth - Sunfighter (# PRZ002)
  • 2011: Dr. Motte & Robert Babicz - NONO (# PRZ003)


As a DJ, he is also involved in cultural gatherings and for non-profit events (e.g. Goethe-Institut, UNICEF, LOVE Foundation, I SUPPORT TACHELES etc.). His commitment to electronic music and his political commitment have received several awards:

  • 1997: VIVA Comet
  • 1999: Bambi
  • 1999: BZ Culture Prize
  • 2000: Music and Machine Award
  • 2007: DJ Meeting LifeTime Award
  • 2007: DJ Awards Lifetime Achievement
  • 2010: Help Musicaward


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