EB Eiði

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EB Eiði
Full name Eiðis Bóltfelag
Abbreviation (s) EB
Founded February 24, 1913
Hall Høllin á Eiði
league 2. Deild (women)
2. Deild group B (men)

Greatest successes
National Faroese Champion
1947 (women)

EB Eiði , completely Eiðis Bóltfelag (" Ball Club of Eiði "), abbreviated to EB , is a Faroese handball club based in Eiði on the island of Eysturoy . The football department merged in 1993 with ÍF Streymur to EB / Streymur .


Eiðis Bóltfelag was founded on February 24, 1913 . The first chairman was Olivur Øster, Vice Knút Ellingsgaard, Treasurer Samuel Samuelsen, assessors Ole Olsen and Hans Jacob Joensen. At the meeting it was decided to rent a piece of land on Mølin ( á Mølini ) on the north side of the isthmus of Eiði for six crowns a year to play football there.

On October 10, 1914, it was decided to build a real football field on Mølin . Each member committed to ten voluntary working days at the site.

In 1916 a game against ÍF Fuglafjørður was played there, each team had nine players. On October 27, 1929 there was a game against KÍ Klaksvík .

On February 23, 1937, it was decided that women could use the space when it was not in use.

In 1939 EB got the Icelandic coach Sigurd Juliusson. Training took place every Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m.

In 1944 the women formed the EB women's handball team. The board consisted of three women.

In 1962 the rowing club and the table tennis club of Eiði became part of the EB. On April 15, 1962, EB took part in the Faroe Islands Flag Day parade . The rowers marched in front, followed by the soccer players, behind them the handball players, two women's handball teams and finally the boy scouts.

A new soccer field was inaugurated on Mølin on September 16 . The Minister Sámal Petersen and the Danish Governor Mogens election were present . At the end, the chairman of the Faroese Sports Confederation, Ólavur Lambaa, said that Eiði's oldest footballer, 80-year-old Jóhan Hendrik í Andrasstovu, should inaugurate the field with a push. In the evening there was a festival for 200 people.

In 1969 EB's badminton division was founded. In 1973 the association bought a dance hall. In 1974 the rowing department dissolved. Instead, a bridge department was created in 1979.

In 1993 the soccer department was merged with ÍF Streymur to form the EB / Streymur club , in order to be stronger in league soccer , but the handball department still exists under the name EB Eiði , and the women played under this name in the first soccer league until their retirement in 1998 .

In 2005 EB had seven handball teams in the league.


As early as 1947, EB Eiði's women's team won their first and only handball championship. In 2012 the men reached second place in group 2 of the third division, while the women did not make a team.



The gentlemen from EB Eiði participated in the first two events of the Faroese Football Championship . In 1942 the team failed in the preliminary round with 2: 5 and 1: 3 to KÍ Klaksvík , in 1943 the preliminary round in the east was finished in a group stage with KÍ Klaksvík and HB Tórshavn as the last place with zero points. Otherwise, EB played only second class. In 1992 EB Eiði finished last in the second division as a climber , while ÍF Streymur played in the third division and was third behind B68 Toftir II and NSÍ Runavík II . However, since the first team of NSÍ relegated to the second division, this entitled Streymur to promotion. In order to be stronger in league football, the association to the club EB / Streymur took place on January 23, 1993 , which took the place of ÍF Streymur in the second division .

Women's soccer

As a founding member, the EB women's team played 14 times in the 1st Deild . In the first season the team came second in group B, in the next few years the team was regularly in the middle of the table with the exception of a penultimate place in 1990. In 1994 EB finished the season in last place and only escaped relegation by increasing the league. During the 1999 season, she retired from the league. The successor club EB / Streymur made it into the top division for the first time in 2000 .

Successes / records

Notes / individual evidence

  1. Mølin is Faroese and means "the pebble beach"
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