One day (album)

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Studio album by Frei-Wild-Logo.svg




January 2002

Label (s) In-house production

Format (s)

CD, LP, download

Genre (s)

German rock , hard rock

Title (number)


running time


occupation Vocals , electric guitar : Philipp Burger

Drums : Christian Forer
E-bass : Jochen Gargitter
E-guitar: Jonas Notdurfter


Hendrik Fedor Vangerow

- Someday Where the sun shines again

One day the debut album by Frei.Wild , a rock band from Brixen in the Italian province of South Tyrol . It was produced in-house in 2002 and distributed by Mindcomunicazione. In 2006 it was re-released via Frei.Wild's label Asphalt Records at the time with a circulation of 1000 copies. Frei.Wild's current label Rookies & Kings also re-released the album on October 9, 2009.

Music style and content

The album contains mostly rocky, fast-played songs (e.g. revenge must be , terror ). An exception is the tribute song One Day , which also contains quieter passages. The texts on the sound carrier go in different directions. The plays, Little Brothers, for Wellbeing and Weekend Parties, are about partying and drinking alcohol, while Europe is a song of praise for the continent of Europe , which offers significantly greater security than other regions of the world. The recording quality is not yet on par with the band's later albums.

Cover design

The original album cover is kept very simple. It shows a black and white picture of a railway line, at the top it says Frei.Wild and at the bottom one day in dark blue letters. Later editions are adorned with a black and white photo that shows the four band members from a frog's perspective at night . In the upper right part of the picture is the typical Frei.Wild lettering in white and in the lower right the title One Day is in black.

Track list

# title length
1 Brother, for the good 2:39
2 Must be revenge 3:16
3 Europe 3:32
4th target 3:29
5 One day (RIP Roffler + Alex) 3:48
6th I stay at home 2:52
7th Moist eyes 2:28
8th Weekend party 2:51
9 terror 2:50

Individual evidence

  1. Republication: Edition of 1000
  2. Album cover of the 1st version
  3. Album art of later versions on