Erdmann Bogislav von Hertzberg

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Erdmann Bogislav von Hertzberg (born August 16, 1736 in Lottin ; † March 19, 1803 ibid) was a Prussian officer , most recently major general .



Erdmann Bogislav was the son of the landowner Hans Jürgen von Hertzberg and his wife Helene Juliane, née von Hertzberg.

Military career

In November 1752, Hertzberg was employed as a private corporal in the "Anhalt-Dessau" infantry regiment of the Prussian Army . In September 1754 he joined the 1st Battalion Guards as a non-commissioned officer and became an ensign there in July 1756 . In the 1756/63 campaign he took part in the battles near Kolin , Leuthen , Hochkirch and Torgau . In November 1763 he was promoted to prime lieutenant, passing the rank of second lieutenant . In March 1768 he became the leader of the personal company of the 1st Guard Battalion for Staff Captain von Natzmer. In September 1769 he was appointed staff captain and rose to captain and company commander on March 14, 1772 . In February 1775 he became a major . Hertzberg took part in the campaign of 1778/79 , became lieutenant colonel and commander of the 2nd battalion of the infantry regiment "von der Goltz" in the summer of 1783 . On April 5, 1785 he was appointed regimental commander. In May 1785 he became a colonel . At the review of Heiligenbeil on June 8, 1789, Hertzberg received the order Pour le Mérite for his many years of service .

During his long service in the 1st Battalion Guard, to which he had been transferred as a Junker by Frederick the Great because of his above-average body length, he had learned how to drill from the king in detail, and he was therefore known and valued as a drill master. After Friedrich Wilhelm II took over the government, Hertzberg was promoted to major general in August 1790. Because of his poor health, however, he could no longer take over a regiment. On April 13, 1791, Hertzberg was therefore released into retirement with a pension of 1000 thalers .


Hertzberg married Elisabeth Maria, née Haeseler (* 1743 in Saxony; † December 7, 1819 in Potsdam ) in Braunsberg on July 18, 1784 . The couple had a son, Karl Moritz Erdmann (* 1772; † 1788).