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Eugen ( ancient Greek εὐγενής eugenēs "the well- arisen ", "well-born"; from εὖ 'good' and γίγνομαι gígnomai 'will', 'arise') is a male given name that goes back to the Greek Eugénios ( Εὐγένιος ).


  • male: Aramaic Augin , German Eugen , Switzerland. Geni (short form), engl. Eugene (short form: Gene), Owen, franz. Eugène , Spanish u. Ital. Eugenio , Hebrew יבגני, Latin Eugenius , Russ. Yevgeny (Евгений) , Evgeny in Russian passports to the international English transliteration, Russian diminutive. Zhenya, Schenka (Женя, Женька) , Ukr. Jewhen (Євген) , Hungarian. Jenő (Diminutive: Jenci) , white russ . Jaugen (Яўген) , Polish Eugeniusz, Polish pet form Gienek
  • female: German Eugenie , French Eugénie , span./ital./lat. Eugenia , Greek Ewjenia (Ευγενια) , Russian Evgenija or Jewgenia (Евгения)

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Patriarch of Constantinople

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Eugen von Württemberg (1788-1857); Painting by George Dawe

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