European Dressage Championships 2021

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FEI European Dressage Championships 2021
Sports: Dressage riding
Venue: Hagen am Teutoburg Forest , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Sports facilities: Main stadium in the Kasselmann courtyard
Participating riders:

The European Dressage Championships 2021 , also known as the FEI Dressage European Championships 2021 (FEI Dressage European Championship & FEI Dressage European Championship U25), were held from September 7th to 12th, 2021 in Hagen am Teutoburg Forest . In dressage riding both the 30th European Championships for the “rider” age group and the European Championships for riders up to 25 years of age were held.



In the summer of 2019, the European championships in five disciplines (dressage, para-dressage , show jumping , four-in-hand driving and vaulting ) were awarded to Budapest for the year 2021 . Budapest would have followed the similarly extensive FEI European Championships in 2015 and 2017 . After following the COVID-19 pandemic , the 2020 Olympic Games were postponed to the July / August 2021, the European Championships in Budapest from world Pferdesportverband FEI largely canceled. Only the four-in-hand European championships will still be held in the Hungarian capital in 2021.

The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) approached the FEI in June 2020 with the request to hold European championships at least in show jumping in 2021 as well. In addition, full support was assured for the other disciplines should they also want to hold the European Championships in 2021. Four months later, the FEI finally awarded the European Dressage Championships to Horses and Dreams Entertainment GmbH in Hagen am Teutoburg Forest , which had applied to hold it.

For Hagen it is the second time that it has stepped in as a venue for the European Dressage Championships at short notice: In 2005, Hagen in the Teutoburg Forest took over the implementation of the European Championships less than a month in advance, after the original organizer of the FEI in Moscow had given the required financial guarantees could not guarantee.

The European Championships for U25 dressage riders in 2021 were awarded to Donaueschingen in the summer of 2019 , where they were to be held as part of the CHI Donaueschingen . Since the FEI demanded a binding commitment to hold the U25 European Championships and further investments in the tournament site as early as October 2020, the organizers in Donaueschingen were unable to promise this during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the U25 European Championships were returned. As a result, Hagen in the Teutoburg Forest applied as the venue for the U25 European Championships in 2021, parallel to the European Championships for the “rider” age group. The FEI awarded the contract for this in February 2021.

Sports facilities

The Hof Kasselmann am Borgberg in Hagen am Teutoburg Forest includes a permanent riding facility with two arenas - the main stadium, which is mostly used as a jumping arena, and a dressage arena, which is equipped with temporary stands if required. Several riding tournaments are held on the facility every year, such as Horses & Dreams or the German Nations Cup tournament "Future Champions" for dressage and show jumping riders of the age groups "Children", pony riders, juniors and young riders .

Time schedule

In addition to the two European championships, the event also included framework tests. A CDI  3 * with Grand Prix, Grand Prix Spécial and Grand Prix Freestyle was announced for the dressage riders . For show jumpers, the announcement included a CSI  3 * / CSIYH 1 * tournament with a Riders Tour stage on Sunday as the highlight. With the exception of the CDI 3 * exams, all competitions take place in the main stadium.

7th Sept
Sept 8 9 Sept
Sept 10
Sept. 11
Sept. 12
European dressage championships E / M E / M E. E.
U25 dressage championships E / M E / M E. E. E.
Framework tests dressage
Framework tests jumping


  • The blue fields stand for days with exams, the gold fields for the day of the respective decision.
  • E: Examination of the individual evaluation
  • M: Examination of the team ranking


European championships for the "rider" age group

The European Championship began with the Grand Prix de Dressage , which was held over two days on September 7th and 8th, 2021. In the Grand Prix de Dressage, the decision was made about the team medals, and the test also served as a qualification within the individual evaluation. All nations were able to bring four dressage riders each with one horse to the start in the Grand Prix de Dressage.

On the third day of the European Championship, September 9th, the 30 best participants in the Grand Prix de Dressage were allowed to compete in the Grand Prix Spécial . The first three individual medals were awarded there. The top 15 riders of the Grand Prix Spécial qualified for the Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday (September 11th). If more than three riders from one or more nations made it into the top 15 of the Grand Prix Spécial, the lowest placed (fourth) rider of the respective nation was not qualified for the Grand Prix Freestyle. In their place, after the placement of the Grand Prix Spécial, the rider on rank 16 moved up. The second set of individual medals was awarded in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Team ranking

After the German team had dominated the European Championships two years earlier with four very strong couples, the starting situation in 2021 was different. Dorothee Schneider started the gelding Faustus after her top horse Showtime had dropped out shortly before the European Championships . Although he was already 13 years old, he had not yet been able to gain experience at championships. The couple came in at just under 75 percent. The German reserve pair of the Olympic Games in Tokyo , Helen Langehanenberg and her mare Annabelle , received a rating of 74 percent after making mistakes in the lessons that included a factor of two. This put the German team in third place after the first day (already taking into account a cancellation result), after Charlotte Fry for Great Britain and Nanna Skodborg Merrald for Denmark had received better ratings than Dorothee Schneider.

On the second day there was a tight decision between Great Britain and Denmark: Daniel Bachmann Andersen and his 9-year-old gelding Marshall-Bell got a score of 76.366 percent, while Carl Hester got a 1.5 percent lower depreciation. Thus, Great Britain was in the interim result ahead of the last riders of each team only one percentage point ahead of Denmark.

In the top group, the German team had to present. After Isabell Werth with the black mare Weihegold had almost achieved an 80 percent rating, the Olympic double gold couple Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dalera were again in ideal form. With a rating of around 84 percent, it was almost certain that Germany had secured the gold medal again. Charlotte Dujardin and her Olympic horse Gio did not come close to von Bredow-Werndl, but with almost 80 percent made a significant contribution to Great Britain winning the silver medal in Hagen. Cathrine Dufour could even have achieved a score of over 80 percent with Bohemian , but two mistakes at the end of the test lowered her result to a score that was slightly below that of Charlotte Dujardin. The team bronze medal went to Denmark. Sweden followed with a weaker team without Antonia Ramel and Patrik Kittel already six percent behind in fourth place, the Netherlands in fifth were even ten percent behind Denmark.

place country Riders and horses percent
1 GermanyGermany Germany 238,944
Dorothee Schneider with Faustus 74.985
Helen Langehanenberg with Annabelle (73,960)
Isabell Werth with Weihegold OLD 79.860
Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with TSF Dalera BB 84.099
2 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 232.345
Gareth Hughes with Sintano van Hof Olympia (74,394)
Charlotte Fry with Everdale 77.671
Carl Hester with En Vogue 74.845
Charlotte Dujardin with Gio 79.829
3 DenmarkDenmark Denmark 231.165
Charlotte Heering with Bufranco (70,699)
Nanna Skodborg Merrald with Orthilia 75.078
Daniel Bachmann Andersen with Marshall-Bell 76,366
Cathrine Dufour with Bohemian 79.721
4th SwedenSweden Sweden 225.389
Jacob Nörby Sörensen with Romeo (68,431)
Jeanna Hogberg with Lorenzo 72.252
Therese Nilshagen with Dante Weltino OLD 76.941
Juliette Ramel with Buriel 76.196
5 NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 221.242
Adelinde Cornelissen with Governor-Str (72,484)
Marlies van Baalen with Go Legend 72.531
Dinja van Liere with haute couture 74.208
Hans Peter Minderhoud with Dream Boy 74.503
6th FinlandFinland Finland 218,634
Mikaela Soratie with Hot Casanova 70.016
Emma Kanerva with Greek Air 71,304
Stella Hagelstam with Sangraal (69,006)
Henri Ruoste with contestro 77.314
7th SpainSpain Spain 215.979
Juan Antonio Jiménez Cobo with Euclides Mor 69.410
Severo Jurado López with Fendi T (68,944)
José Antonio García Mena with Divina Royal 72.671
Beatriz Ferrer Salad with Elegance 73.898
8th AustriaAustria Austria 214.721
Astrid Neumayer with 'Zap Zap (67,841)
Victoria Max-Theurer with Abegglen NRW 73.106
Christian Schumach with Te Quiero 69.099
Florian Bacher with Fidertraum OLD 72.516
9 FranceFrance France 208.960
Marie Emilie Bretenoux with Quartz of Jazz 68.665
Maxime Collard with Cupid (65,326)
Alexandre Ayache with Zo What 68.354
Morgan Barbançon with Sir Donnerhall II OLD 71.941
10 PortugalPortugal Portugal 208.524
Duarte Nogueira with Beirão (68,634)
Filipe Canelas with Fortuna 69.425
Martim Meneres with Equador 69.581
Carlos Pinto with Sultão Menezes 69.518
11 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 208.339
Carla Aeberhard with Delioh von Buchmatt CH 69.581
Elena Fernandez with Sueno II 67.671
Birgit Wientzek Pläge with Hot Secret (67.205)
Estelle Wettstein with Quaterboy 71.087
12th RussiaRussia Russia 205.078
13 BelgiumBelgium Belgium 201.724
14th HungaryHungary Hungary 200.931
15th ItalyItaly Italy 183.820

Individual classification: Grand Prix Spécial

The Grand Prix Spécial took place in the evening under floodlights, it started at 5 p.m. and lasted until shortly before 11 p.m. For a long time Carl Hester was in the lead with the 12-year-old gelding En Vogue . Except for weaknesses in the step lessons, the couple performed well, which earned them a rating of over 77 percent. However, when it came to assessing (not only) Carl Hester, the judges' panel was not in agreement. At the time of the last ride in which he was in the lead, Hester was ranked first by three judges, while two of the seven judges placed him in ninth place.

Helen Langehanenberg and her mare Annabelle finished the Grand Prix Spécial flawlessly, almost consistently with grades between 7.0 and 8.0 . With a rating of 75.228 percent, this time she was ahead of Dorothee Schneider. Schneider's horse Faustus had stumbled in a passage, which led to correspondingly low grades for this lesson. There were also point deductions in the piaffe on the final line, so that the couple missed out on the Grand Prix Freestyle as the fourth-best German rider-horse combination despite being in 14th place. It was a similar experience for Gareth Hughes, who as the fourth Briton in 15th place was also not eligible for the freestyle. Before that, Hans Peter Minderhoud and José Antonio Garcia Mena benefited in positions 16 and 17, which gave them a starting place in the Grand Prix Freestyle. Minderhoud later withdrew his start in the freestyle, so that Adelinde Cornelissen entered the freestyle as 18th in the Grand Prix Spécial.

After their unfortunate appearance at the Olympic Games, Henri Ruoste and his horse Kontestro returned to their usual level and were initially around 80 percent in the live interim result. In the strong trot, in the single changes and in the piaffe on the final line, the couple then left a few possible points, so that it was just under 75 percent in the final score. Just over a year after Daniel Bachmann-Andersen had given up his job as chief rider of the Blue Hors stud for the Lego owner family Kirk in favor of self-employment, he was back at a championship. His chestnut Marshall-Bell , who was only 9 years old , showed great potential. The judges also disagreed with this couple, the results were between 19th place with a good 73 percent and 5th place with almost 80 percent. He qualified in tenth place, as did his successor at Blue Hors, Nanna Skodborg Merrald, for the freestyle. Skodborg Merrald's experienced mare Orthilia showed a restless mouth over the course of the test, with her tongue sometimes hanging out.

Isabell Werth took over the management from Carl Hester. Werth was still under the impression of a colic operation that her Olympic horse Bella Rose had had to undergo the previous evening. According to Isabell Werth, she was motivated by her black mare Weihegold in the stadium . The couple started the test with intermediate scores of 70 percent, but then increased more and more and finally jumped the 80 percent on the final line. 81.702 percent brought her clear first place. Charlotte Dujardin and her 10-year-old chestnut Gio started straight away . Without making mistakes, the couple did not quite come close to their assessment of the Olympic Games, their final result was just under 80 place.

Cathrine Dufour and her gelding Bohemian seemed to take the lead from Werth, but on the closing line the transition from the piaffe did not succeed, Bohemian hopped a little. A low grade for the transition and partly also for the piaffe itself let the Dufour fall just behind Isabell Werth. Charlotte Fry competed as the penultimate starter in Hagen, like a few weeks earlier in Tokyo, with the very powerful, but little let loose, stallion Everdale . Just over 78th place brought the couple to fifth in the end. Immediately afterwards, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her mare Dalera showed a relaxed, supple test in which the judges gave several lessons with a grade of 10.0. Even a mistake in the single substitution did not jeopardize the pair's clear victory.

rank equestrian horse percent
GermanyGermany Jessica von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera BB 84.271%
GermanyGermany Isabell Werth Weihegold OLD 81.702%
DenmarkDenmark Cathrine Dufour Bohemian 81.079%
4th  United KingdomUnited Kingdom Charlotte Dujardin Gio 79.787%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Charlotte Fry Everdale 78.146%
6th  United KingdomUnited Kingdom Carl Hester En Vogue 77.310%
7th  SwedenSweden Juliette Ramel Buriel 76.900%
8th  SwedenSweden Therese Nilshagen Dante Weltino OLD 76.869%
NetherlandsNetherlands Dinja van Liere Haute couture 75.699%
10  DenmarkDenmark Daniel Bachmann Andersen Marshall Bell 75.638%
11  GermanyGermany Helen Langehanenberg Annabelle 75.228%
12th  DenmarkDenmark Nanna Skodborg Merrald Orthilia 74.909%
13  FinlandFinland Henri Ruoste Contestro 74.894%
14th  GermanyGermany Dorothee Schneider Faustus 74.802%
21  AustriaAustria Florian Bacher Fidertraum OLD 71.687%
22nd  AustriaAustria Victoria Max-Theurer Abegglen NRW 71.672%
25th  LuxembourgLuxembourg Nicolas Wagner Ehlinger Quater Back Junior FRH 70.243%
27  SwitzerlandSwitzerland Estelle Wettstein Quaterboy 72.027%

Individual ranking: Grand Prix Freestyle

Helen Langehanenberg and her mare Annabelle were drawn to first place in the Grand Prix Freestyle. The couple formed a good start to this test with a performance with individual grades predominantly in the range of 7.5 to 8.0. There were problems with the canter pirouettes : While the left-hand pirouette was just a little too big, the right-hand pirouette failed completely. Langehanenberg was self-critical, "Annabelle didn't even begin to know what I wanted". A final result of 77.214 percent reached 14th place.

Henri Ruoste, second starter in the freestyle, received a result of 82.600 percent for his freestyle ride with the gelding Kontestro . This personal best brought him the lead until the end of the first half of the field. Sixth place in the final result meant for Ruoste by far his best placement at an international championship. The third pair of the test was different: Adelinde Cornelissen was rung during the test, the chief judge found bloody foam on the mouth of Cornelissen's black horse, and the couple was eliminated.

For Carl Hester, the freestyle did not go optimally: Every now and then in the test there were mistakes or tension in his horse, especially after En Vogue was frightened by his own horse droppings. As the last couple of the first half of the participants, Daniel Bachmann Andersen started with his dark chestnut Marshall-Bell . In their first international Grand Prix Freestyle, the couple narrowly missed the lead with consistently good grades, with a final score of 82.050 percent.

The black stallion Dante Weltino and his rider Therese Nilshagen showed himself relaxed , with active hind legs and swinging back . A mistake in the single substitutions prevented the pair from reaching their best results, but it was enough for a final rating of over 81 percent. The fight for the medals began with Charlotte Dujardin's freestyle. The judges unanimously awarded only a 6.0 for the single changes, which were ridden on the lines of a simple serpentine line . For all other lessons of the A grade, Dujardin and her horse Gio received individual grades up to 9.0. With 87,246 percent, the couple was just below their result from the Olympic Games a few weeks earlier.

Immediately afterwards, Cathrine Dufour and her gelding Bohemian came into the arena. Dufour's horse was much more relaxed than at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Compared to the two previous tests of this European Championship, the dark fox was also less tight (head less often behind the vertical). In this pair, too, only a slight mistake in the single substitutions resulted in point deductions. In particular, they were able to stand out from Charlotte Dujardin in the B grade, with Dufour and Bohemian taking the lead with over 88 percent .

This was followed by the ride of the favorites: Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her Trakehner mare Dalera built on their form from the Grand Prix Spécial. During the entire freestyle, the couple left no doubt that this would be the ride to the fifth gold medal within a few weeks. As has often been the case in important exams, Dalera had to fiddle with this curl, but this time the lesson was still successful. At over 91 percent, their final rating came very close to that of Tokyo.

Isabell Werth and Weihegold's freestyle went well with mistakes in the single changes, which only came after a few gallop jumps . In the traversals and in the strong canter, the couple also left a few possible percentage points. With just under 85 percent, Werth missed an individual medal in the freestyle. As the last rider-horse pair, Charlotte Fry and the black stallion Everdale entered the dressage arena . Their freestyle program with a high degree of difficulty succeeds except for one mistake, which was also made in this pair in the single changes. As in the two previous European championship tests, the high grades, especially the artistic B grade, were offset by the impression that the head was too tight and the horse was walking with a high croup. The judges ranked her just behind Isabell Werth in fifth place.

rank equestrian horse percent
GermanyGermany Jessica von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera BB 91.021%
DenmarkDenmark Cathrine Dufour Bohemian 88.436%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Charlotte Dujardin Gio 87.246%
4th  GermanyGermany Isabell Werth Weihegold OLD 84.896%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Charlotte Fry Everdale 84.721%
6th  FinlandFinland Henri Ruoste Contestro 82.600%
7th  DenmarkDenmark Daniel Bachmann Andersen Marshall Bell 82.050%
8th  SwedenSweden Therese Nilshagen Dante Weltino OLD 81.325%
SwedenSweden Juliette Ramel Buriel 80.175%
10  NetherlandsNetherlands Dinja van Liere Haute couture 79.668%
11  SpainSpain José Antonio Garcia Mena Divina Royal 79.361%
12th  DenmarkDenmark Nanna Skodborg Merrald Orthilia 78.904%
13  United KingdomUnited Kingdom Carl Hester En Vogue 78.375%
14th  GermanyGermany Helen Langehanenberg Annabelle 77.214%
15th  NetherlandsNetherlands Adelinde Cornelissen Governor Str eliminated

European championships for the U25 age group

The program of the U25 European Championships is based on the examination scheme of the European Championships for the "rider" age group. The team decision was ridden out on the first two days of the tournament. For this purpose, teams of three or four riders and their horses competed in an Intermediaire II test. The German team won by a clear margin over the Dutch. The teams in places three to seven were close together, the bronze medal went to Sweden.

Also spread over two days, on September 9th and 10th, the U25 Grand Prix was held as the first individual decision. After a day of rest on the Saturday of the tournament, the U25 riders started their freestyle test on Sunday morning.

place country Riders and horses percent
1 GermanyGermany Germany 225.206
Ellen Richter with Vinay NRW (72,088)
Raphael net with Elastico 75.206
Semmieke Rothenberger with flannel 77.059
Ann-Kathrin Lindner with FBW Sunfire 72.941
2 NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 218,000
Devenda Dijkstra with Hero (70,559)
Febe van Zwambagt with Edson 71.735
Jessica Poelman with Chocolate Cookie 73.706
Jasmien de Koeyer with Esperanza 72.559
3 SwedenSweden Sweden 207.264
Nathalie Wahlund with Cerano Gold (62,000)
Jennifer Lindvall with Midt West Casino 69.088
Elin Mattsson with Beckham 66.294
Lina Dolk with Languedoc 71.882
4th DenmarkDenmark Denmark 206,146
5 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 205.354
6th SpainSpain Spain 203.824
7th HungaryHungary Hungary 203.148
8th RussiaRussia Russia 197.118
9 BelgiumBelgium Belgium 196.822
10 FinlandFinland Finland 195.912
11 PortugalPortugal Portugal 195.765
12th FranceFrance France 195.441

Supporting program

The highlights of the CDI 3 * framework tournament are a Grand Prix Spécial on Saturday evening and a Grand Prix Freestyle on Sunday afternoon. At the same time as the Grand Prix Freestyle of the CDI 3 *, the highlight of the CSI 3 * jumping tournament will take place in the main stadium: The Grand Prix, endowed with 52,000 euros, is a stage of the Riders Tour 2021/2022 .

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