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Ferdinand Seibt (born May 9, 1927 in Strischowitz, Czech: Střížovice, today part of Snědovice , German Schnedowitz; † April 7, 2003 in Munich ) was a German historian with a focus on Medieval and Bohemian Studies as well as a journalist . From 1980 to 2003 he was chairman of the Collegium Carolinum in Munich.


Ferdinand Seibt attended school in Leitmeritz and was called up for military service in 1944. After the end of the war, he passed his Abitur in Delitzsch in 1946 . From 1947 he studied at the University of Munich , where in 1952 he wrote about “The writing De nugis curialium . Studies on the worldview and on the spiritual personality Walter Maps ”did his doctorate. In 1953 he passed the state examination for the higher teaching post in the subjects of German, history and geography. He then taught at high schools in Munich. With an analysis of the Hussite revolution , he completed his habilitation in 1964 with Karl Bosl for Middle and Modern History and in the same year became a private lecturer at the University of Munich. In 1969 he was appointed to the chair for the history of the later Middle Ages at the Ruhr University in Bochum . His research areas included the history of historical science, the comparative history of the Middle Ages, Bohemian history and the history of Central Europe.

From 1980 until his death in 2003 Seibt was chairman of the Collegium Carolinum in Munich and editor of the journal “ Bohemia ”. He campaigned for coming to terms with the past and understanding between Czechs and Germans and was active in bilateral school commissions. From 1990 to 2000 he was a member of the German-Czech Historical Commission and of the Coordination Council for the German-Czech Dialogue Forum. In 1990 he received the František Palacký plaque, the highest award of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, for his services . The Charles University awarded him an honorary doctorate . He was also a holder of the Order of Merit of the Czech Republic. In 1981 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg . Seibt was an honorary member of the Catholic student union K.St.V. Südmark in the KV . One of Seibt's students is the Catholic theology professor Manfred Gerwing , who compiled the register of Seibt's book Glanz und Elend des Mittelalter .


On the occasion of his 75th birthday in 2002, the Collegium Carolinum published a commemorative publication entitled “Germans, Czechs, Sudeten Germans”. It contains Seibt's contributions on historical and political topics, the spectrum of which ranges from the Middle Ages to the modern age. The foreword contains a detailed appraisal of Seibt's efforts and merits in promoting understanding between Germans and Czechs.


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