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Fritz von Ostini drawn by Paul Heyse

Friedrich Fabrizius Max Karl Freiherr von Ostini (born July 27, 1861 in Munich , † June 1, 1927 in Pöcking ) was a German editor, writer, humorist and poet.


Fritz von Ostini graduated in 1880 Ludwigsgymnasium in Munich and started thereafter at the local university to study law. Following his literary and artistic inclinations, he soon switched to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and spent a few semesters studying with Professors Alois Gabl and Ludwig von Herterich . During his studies he became a member of the AGV Munich in the special houses association .

Ostini published occasionally while studying for the "Süddeutsche Presse". At the age of 26 (1887) he became a permanent employee of Münchner Neuesten Nachrichten and took over the editing of the feature pages .

When Dr. Georg Hirth founded the art and literary magazine Jugend in 1896 , Fritz von Ostini became its chief editor. He signed with “F. v. O. ”, for example the poem“ He was a king! ”About Ludwig II in“ Jugend ”No. 35/1902.

Von Ostini continued to write as an art consultant for the Münchner Neuesten Nachrichten and wrote articles for various art magazines.

Among other things, his numerous artist monographs, such as those on Eduard Grützner , Franz von Defregger and Julius Diez , with whom he was partly friendly, attracted particular attention .

Fritz von Ostini was married to Sophie Hohnhaußen and had three sons and one daughter.

Fonts (selection)

Poor Souls: Stories and Purrs (2nd edition 1910), picture decorations by Paul Rieth
  • Big and Small, 1888
  • Poor souls, stories and purrs, 1905
  • German illustrators, 1906
  • Swarming spirits, poems from time and chance, 1908
  • The little king, 1909
  • Munich in wartime, 1915
  • Act and Guilt, 1919
  • Happy childhood, 1921
  • Princess Goldkind and the Magic Lily, 1922
  • Wurstel-Peters moon trip, 1922

Artist monographs


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