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A pedestrian bridge , also known as a pedestrian overpass , passerelle , gangway or as a closed construction skyway , leads sidewalks over bodies of water , traffic systems or valleys . They can be built from various building materials . They are available as static bridges as well as movable constructions (for example bascule, swing or lifting bridges). The dimensions range from a few meters to a span of several hundred meters . Due to the low loads and the mostly small spans, there is often a high degree of design freedom when designing pedestrian bridges.

Traffic safety and traffic planning

Pedestrian bridge in Bogotá

From the point of view of traffic safety and traffic planning, pedestrian bridges also serve to separate different traffic flows, such as those resulting from motor vehicle traffic, rail traffic and pedestrian traffic . Pedestrian bridges allow motor vehicles and rail vehicles to move smoothly and protect pedestrians when crossing streets and rail tracks. Because of the cost-intensive construction, they are mainly found in places with a high volume of traffic and high traffic speeds such as through streets, city highways or train stations.

Despite the increased safety, pedestrians sometimes prefer the level road or rail crossing (pedestrian crossing, pedestrian path) to an overpass or underpass because of the necessary detours and the difference in height. For this reason, additional structural measures such as bars, fences and other barriers are used in some places.


Architecturally outstanding

Extreme location

  • A suspension bridge on the Dachstein in Austria (near the Dachstein Skywalk ) is 2700 m above sea level and runs up to 400 m above ground. Opened in July 2013, it is the highest suspension bridge in Austria.

Extreme length

  • One of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world is the Dodhara Chandani Bridge in Nepal. It is a total of 1,452.96 m long, but has only 225.4 m as the longest span.
  • The three-country bridge between the German city of Weil am Rhein and the French city of Huningue is the longest bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the world with a span of 229.4 m in the arched construction category.
  • Since 2011/2012 the 200.5 m long suspension bridge Holzgau in the Tyrolean Lechtal has been Austria's longest bridge of its kind for pedestrians.
  • Since July 2010 there has been one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe in the Sattel -Hochstuckli recreation area in Switzerland at 374 m. The Raiffeisen Skywalk is 1200  m above sea level. M. and connects the Mostelberg with the Mäderenwald.
  • In Reutte , Austria , the highline179 was 403 meters long - slightly diagonally across the valley - Europe's longest pedestrian suspension bridge before it was replaced by the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge . The bridge connects Ehrenberg Castle and Fort Claudia and is accessible around the clock. To prevent overloading, access on both sides via counting turnstiles is limited to a load capacity of 500 people.
  • The Yume (Dream) pedestrian suspension bridge at Kokonume in the Japanese prefecture of Ōita has a span of 390 meters.
  • The AJ Hackett Skypark, which opened on July 1, 2014 in Sochi , Russia , has a 439-meter-long SkyBridge .
  • On May 7, 2017, the Titan RT bridge opened at the Rappbodetalsperre in the Harz Mountains ; The 483 m long structure had, at 458.5 m, the longest free-hanging section of all pedestrian suspension bridges in the world until July 2017.
  • The Charles Kuonen suspension bridge in Switzerland has been the pedestrian suspension bridge with the longest free-hanging section in the world since July 2017: 494 m. For years the European route between Grächen and Zermatt was interrupted after a rock fall.


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