Georg Bernhard von Urschenbeck

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Georg Bernhard von Urschenbeck (born September 12, 1551 , † 1624 ) was an Austrian nobleman and land marshal of Austria under the Enns.


Georg Bernhard was the son of Christoph von Urschenbeck and Anna von Lamberg and studied at the University of Padua . In 1596 he was raised to the knighthood, he was made Landuntermarschall in Austria under the Enns in 1595, Landmarschall 1606. Like his ancestors he was heirloom master in Styria. In 1605 he was elevated to the baron class by Emperor Rudolf II , and he was accepted into the Lower Austrian gentry in 1606.

Georg Bernhard Freiherr von Urschenbeck was Lord of Pottschach and Wartenstein . In 1575 he married Anna Maria Paumgartner, with whom he had eleven children.


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