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Weser upstream with Fluthamel (left) in the south of Hameln

Weser upstream with Fluthamel (left) in the south of Hameln

Water code EN : 4572
location Lower Saxony , Germany
River system Weser
Drain over Weser  → North Sea
source Old Sickerhamel at the Süntel
52 ° 11 ′ 0 ″  N , 9 ° 23 ′ 53 ″  E
Source height 350  m above sea level NHN 
................................................. .
Hamel source in Hamelspringe :
52 ° 11 '43.77 "N, 9 ° 24' 29.2" O
170 m above sea level. NHN
muzzle in Hameln in the Weser Coordinates: 52 ° 6 ′ 33 ″  N , 9 ° 20 ′ 59 ″  E 52 ° 6 ′ 33 ″  N , 9 ° 20 ′ 59 ″  E
Mouth height Fluthamel:  61.1  m above sea level NHN ................................................. . city Hamel (mouth side): 52 ° 6 '33 "N, 9 ° 20' 59" O about 57 m above sea level. NHN  

Height difference 288.95 m
Bottom slope 11 ‰
length 16.6 miles from 
Alte Sickerhamel – Fluthamel
Catchment area 207.59 km²
Discharge at the Afferde A Eo gauge : 180 km²
MNQ 1979-2002
MQ 1979-2002
Mq 1979-2002
MHQ 1979-2002
120 l / s
380 l / s
1.78 m³ / s
9.9 l / (s km²)
31.1 m³ / s
55.6 m³ / s
Discharge  at the mouth of the
A Eo : 207.59 km²
2.01 m³ / s
9.7 l / (s km²)
Medium-sized cities Hamelin

The Hamel is a right-sided, over 26 km long tributary of the Weser in the Hameln-Pyrmont district in Lower Saxony .


The Hamel has two sources in the north of the Süntel (in the forest on the slope and designed in the valley in Hamelspringe ) and in Hameln two mouths, the main mouth in the south of the city and the historic one north of the old town. Between the source and estuary, it circles the Süntel east through the Deister-Süntel valley .

Gartenquelle and Sickerhamel

Hamel spring in Hamelspringe

The two origins have very different altitudes: The so-called Hamel spring is located 170 m above sea level in a private garden in the village of Hamelspringe. However, it has a small inflow, the Alte Sickerhamel hydrographically recorded with the GKZ 4572111 . The rises at 350  m above sea level. NHN at the Eulenflucht on the northern slope of the Hohen Egge , whose summit is 435.2  m above sea level. Reached NHN . The Alte Sickerhamel initially runs almost in a fall line down the mountain slope, in the lower half of which it has dug a clear erosion channel. Nowadays it is directed northward from the edge of the forest to an unclassified ditch from the Bärengrund, which it continues and then around two corners reaches the nominal Hamel spring.

Around the Süntel to Hameln

From there it first flows east through Bad Münder and then south through Hachmühlen . Behind Hachmühlen, the Hamel changes its direction of flow to the southwest and now follows the federal road 217 on its south side to Hameln , which bears its name as a city. It crosses the towns of Hasperde, Groß Hilligsfeld and Rohrsen.


The fortress hamel on the acute-angled glacis of a former ravelin in Hameln

On the edge of an industrial area in the south-east of Hameln, a weir regulates the distribution of water to the two artificial estuary arms. Most of its outlet discharge of a good 2 m³ / s enters the Weser straight through the Fluthamel, which partly still forms the edge of the urban development and flows south of the Weser harbor. A limited part of the water is branched off into the Stadthamel (GKZ: 457512), which flows to the north east of the old town and flows into the Weser at the north edge at the youth hostel. When Hameln was expanded into a fortress in the 17th century, it was led along the field side of the city wall with its bastions , as its course still shows today, hence the name "Festungshamel".

Between the two mouths of the Hamel, the Weser loses four meters in height at the Hamelin Weser Weir . In addition, the Humme flows here opposite .


The Hamel mainly carries water from the Süntel , but it also takes in streams from the Deister , the Kleiner Deister , the Nesselberg and the Ith . Their tributaries are small mountain streams:

  • Vossbeeke (Süntel)
  • Bredenbeeke (Deister)
  • Teufelsbeeke (Süntel)
  • Gelbbach (Nesselberg)
  • Sedemünder Mühlbach (class Deister / Nesselberg)
  • Steinbach (Süntel)
  • Flegesser Bach (Süntel)
  • Herksbach (Süntel)
  • Remte (Ith)
The historic estuary in the north of Hameln only reaches a small part of the water.

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